Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stella & Dot

I don't know what took me so long to get on board, but I am finally in love with Stella & Dot.  It could be that I went to a trunk show for a different jewelry line a few years ago and felt pressured to buy things that I didn't feel was worth my money.  I attended a Stella & Dot trunk show about a month ago, and had my defenses up.  I was NOT going to be persuaded to buy anything that I didn't think was worth the money. 

Stella & Dot completely surprised me!  I love the jewelry- it is so beautiful, and versatile.  You can wear the jewelry in so many ways, and layer the items.  I was so immediately addicted that I decided I had to host a trunk show (though, I don't need much of a reason to open my home to a bunch of my girlfriends, drink wine, and shop!).

I wanted to open the opportunity to attend my trunk show to all my blogosphere friends through a virtual trunk show!  Buying through a Stella & Dot trunk show is so easy- you can have the items shipped right to your door, and the shipping is FAST! (At the previous show I attended, I placed my order on Sunday and had it waiting on my porch on Wednesday!)

Take some time to shop at www.stelladot.com/melissamcleod .  If you would like to make a purchase, click on "Can't make it to the trunk show? Find your hostess" and then enter TIFFANY NORWOOD. 

Happy shopping!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

3 years!

Campbell Grace turned 3 years old on May 23rd.  I cannot believe how fast time has flown...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Totally awesome!

Ryan and I went to an 80's theme 30th birthday party last night.  I absolutely love the 80's.  The music was FANTASTIC.  I love the bright colors.  I just love how radical everything was.  Ryan and I really got into the whole thing.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My fear of white

I have this fear of wearing white.  Inevitably, I will spill something on myself.  Case in point, day #2 on my new job, I was wearing a lovely white tunic top with jeans.  At approximately 10 AM, I spilled coffee straight down the front of my shirt and had to wear it that way the rest of the workday.  Fast forward to maybe a month ago, I was wearing the same tunic on a nice weather day and eating breakfast in the car on the way to work.  I happened to look down while sitting at a stop light, only to notice that I dribbled hot sauce all down the front of my white tunic. Luckily I was close enough to home that I could turn around to change, but still.

So, even with this fear, I went on a limb and picked up a pair of white cropped jeans.  I purchased them from Old Navy last weekend when they were running their $6 clearance bottoms promotion.  I figured at $6, if I ruined them in less than 8 hours, it wouldn't be a total wash.  I'm proud to say that I wore the jeans for a full 12 hours without incident!

Old Navy The Diva White skinny ankle flare jeans, size 8
Old Navy Tiered tank, size Small
Gap cinched shoulder cardigan, size Medium
Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges, Summer 2010

I also have a fear that I look a bit like a huge marshmallow in white pants, especially from behind since my behind is a bit more ample than most (hence the back shot).

They were a bit more snug in the rear earlier in the day, when I took these pictures, than they were by the end of the day.  The jeans have 1% spandex, so they hold their shape nicely, while also stretching to give a comfortable fit. 

I was also pretty nervous about wearing white before Memorial Day.  I can't remember if the rules have changed, but I've seen a ton of white jeans and pants around here in Richmond.  Is everyone else wearing white pants already, too?  No one fainted at the sight of me wearing white pants before Memorial Day here in the South... did I commit a faux pas?

If you are liking the jeans I wore, you can find them here, in sizes 12-20, and on sale for $25.00.  Your local store will probably have them for cheaper (they were marked to $14.99 in store when I purchased them).  The reviews online say that these sit low, which is true, but I didn't think they sat SO low that I looked like I was trying to be 13.  I'd say that they sit lower than most of the jeans I currently wear (like Gap's Sexy Bootcut jeans).

You can find similiar styles below:

Bloomies- Paige Premium Denim
For a skinnier fit, JCrew Cropped Matchstick White jeans
Gap- Cropped kick flare white jeans

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!  I am about to gear up for an 80's theme 30th birthday party for a friend.  I'm so excited to transport back to the truly outrageous styles of the 80's.  I'll definitely do a post of the party fashions for everyone's enjoyment! :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cardigan Queen

I have realized that I have way too many cardigans.  On top of that, I wear a cardigan almost every day.  I feel like I need some sort of change, but I can't really figure out how to break that cycle.  Until then, here are two outfits with cardigans!

Outfit #1- VA's weather has been all over the place this past week.  One day it was super breezy and almost 85 degrees, the next it is 60 and rainy.  I think this outfit was from Wednesday, when we had some sun and upper 60s!

 JCrew Factory Jackie Cardigan Spring 2011 (can't remember the color of this, spicy olive?)- medium
JCrew Cafe Capris in black- Summer 2009?- size 6

Can I just tell you how much I adore the Tiered Ruffle tank from ON?  So much that I have 3- black, white, and green!  The tank is incredibly flattering.  The tiered ruffles lay very nicely, and interestingly enough, I swear this tank is tapered in a bit at the waist because it looks like it is cut very close to my natural waist (without the cardigan).  I'm always a bit hesitant with these types of tops because I feel like they add so much bulk to my stomach and waist, so I feel like I need to add a belt to make the top look a little more tailored.  This is not the case with this tank.  A word of warning- I have smalls in all three colors.  I bought the white in store, and tried it on and was very happy with the fit, so I purchased a small in the black and green online.  There is at least 3 inches difference in the length of the tank between the three tops.  I'm still very happy with all three tops, but it is worth noting.  

Outfit #2- By Thursday of last week, the weather peaked back up to the mid 80's with sunshine!  I received an order of Stella & Dot jewelry from a party I attended the Sunday prior, and was excited to work it into an outfit for the week.  I ended up with shades of blues with this outfit- I personally loved it!
JCrew Factory Jackie Cardigan Spring 2011 (a cool minty color)- medium
Lands End pintucked shift dress Summer 2010 (navy blue)- size 8
Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges Summer 2010

The photo is a bit small, and I didn't take a detailed picture of my jewelry, but I'm wearing a really lovely necklace from Stella & Dot called the La Coco necklace in turquoise beads.  This is an incredibly versatile necklace that can be tripled up, doubled, or worn completely long.  I also purchased a fun bee brooch to wear on the necklace, but it was a bit too much with this outfit.  I remembered Coco Chanel's quote, "When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on", and the last thing I added was the bee.  I'll save that beauty for another day.  And I'll make sure to take a better photo of my jewelry, too!

Have you heard of Joss & Main?  If you have used Rue La La, it is a lot like that, but apparently focuses on home accessories and that type of thing.  Preppy Plates, which can only be found at specialty boutiques, will be featured on April 11th, and Lilly Pulitzer will be featured April 18th!  I'm really excited.  I saw a sneak peek of some of the items that should be featured.  Who doesn't need these adorable coozies for a summer BBQ or the wine glasses for a day with the girls?

The best part?  Membership is totally free!  If you use my link by clicking here, though, you don't have to wait in line to become a member (which I've heard is a pretty lengthy line.... waits up to a month or so?!?!).

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh, hello there....

I tend to go MIA at times on this little bloggy, don't I?  I don't ever have a reason to, except for life getting in the way of having time to sit down and peck away here.  March was an insanely busy month for us.  One of our very best friend couples was married... in the BAHAMAS!  Oh yes, we went!  We had a fantastic time at the Sandals Royal Bahamian resort on Paradise Island.  This was our first resort trip, and I'm now officially addicted.  We loved our trip so much that we've booked a trip to Jamaica for April 2012.  I can't wait! :)

The wedding was beyond gorgeous.  Sandals did a fantastic job.  The wedding was beautiful, very organic, and low key.  Perfect for the couple.  I didn't take nearly enough pictures while I was there, but here are a few lovelys.

 Ahh... the life.  My Kindle and a view of the ocean.  Yep, that's my Boden Pool Party Tunic, too!  Perfect for poolside lounging.
 Ryan and I at the wedding.  Ryan is dressed head to toe in Tommy Bahama (I made him wear linen for the first time!).  I'm wearing JCrew's Juliette silk chiffon dress in Shocking Pink (got this on Final Sale around Christmas for $35!!  What a steal!).
 Enjoying one of the fabulous restaurants at the resort. 
Our last night in the Bahamas.  Isn't the sunset amazing?!  Tunic from Target... Ryan is wearing a JCrew polo (not sure which one).

We were lucky enough to spend 5 full days in the Bahamas, so of course getting back into the swing of things back home and at work was a slightly daunting task.  Ryan has been coaching his travel baseball team on the weekends, so it has been me and Campbell holding down the fort on the weekends!  I've spent too much time shopping, so I'm trying to go on a slight "shopping hiatus" for the month of April.  Mostly because, honestly, what do I need to buy?!

That being said... I have a new addiction.  It has big plans to ruin my shopping hiatus for April.  It is actually two pages on Facebook: Shopaholics Preppy Closet and Re-Lilly.  Oh dear Lilly Pulitzer.... these two FB pages are a little slice of consignment heaven, especially for Lilly Pulitzer items.  I had friends turn me on to both pages and I'm beyond obsessed with checking these pages multiple times throughout the day for something I must. have. now.  I snagged a lovely halter top that should arrive here within the next day or two for $35!  I'm so excited!  I'm stalking a few dresses and skirts right now... trying to debate if they are worth breaking my hiatus or not.  We'll see.  If you even love Lilly just a little and are on FB, you have to check out both of the pages.  

I'm also battling a massive onslaught of Spring allergies.  They have set on my tail this year.  Is anyone else struggling with allergies already?  I'm absolutely miserable.

And finally, I've also become incredibly addicted to the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  I'm so late for this bus, but I'm loving the books all the same.  I have devoured the books... just started the 5th book today!  I just love the drama and suspense.  It is like a little lovely escape from reality for a couple chapters....

I've had some fun styling some of my newer Spring items, but have not taken any pics for the blog.  I'll resolve to get back on doing that ASAP. :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can't a girl get some sleep?

Oh sweet baby Jesus... all I want is some sleep.  Some uninterrupted, 8-10 hours of blissful sleep.  It is just not happening around here.  Campbell is sleeping for maybe 6-8 hours, MAX, and I'm beyond stressed at work with a new project I'm supervising.  Oh well.... I guess I'll sleep when Campbell's grown and out of the house, right?

But seriously, until that day comes... mommies- any tips for getting more sleep?  We are able to get Campbell down for bed between 8/8:30 PM during the week and she usually gets up around 5:30 AM (30 minutes before that blessed alarm goes off! gah!).  On the weekends, she goes to bed around the same time and *maybe* lets us get up around 6:30/6:45.  Last night, we were out with friends at a kid friendly function and got home around 10:45 PM.  Campbell went straight to bed, and woke up promptly at 6:30 AM.  AHHHHH- serenity, and SLEEP, now please! 

I'm running on fumes, ladies.  I'll blame the exhaustion and the business at work for my delay in posting these two outfits.  I worked on two outfits centered around the Real Straight jeans from Gap.  I think these jeans are a fantastic sub for super skinny jeans if you are a bit curvier.  They are just a smidge wider at the ankles than skinny jeans, so the proportion to my thighs is a bit more complimentary.  I am still nervous to wear them completely straight, so here they are slightly folded.  I used to do the JCrew sloppy fold but after trying them this way, I found I liked the fold better!

 Gap Real Straight Jeans- Size 29/8- This style has an interior print of birds that you can see when you fold the jeans.  I think it was an early Fall '10 style.
Gap Cardigan (my fave!)

Close up shot of the cuff.  I folded this so that the bottom of the cuff hit right at my ankle bone.

Love these shoes.  Love them.  I love Seychelles anyways, but the Ring in the New Year's are so awesome for Spring.  Plus they are super comfy!

Here is another outfit with the Gap Real Straights.  These are the dark wash, nothing fancy.  I paired it with the Loft Sequin front sweatshirt from this late winter campaign.

Loft Sequin front Sweatshirt, size S
Loft t-strap suede heels in pewter, size 9

I'm loving the sequin sweatshirt!  It is so comfy and goes dressed up or down.  I'll definitely wear this through the Spring.

I hope you are getting more rest than I am.... Campbell is flipping out about something right now, so I'm off to save the day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frazzled mommy style

Both of these outfits represent the frazzled state I've been in lately.  Campbell has been potty training herself (hooray!), but is experiencing lots of constipation from witholding (boo!).  She is cranky, doesn't sleep well, doesn't eat well, and is just overall miserable.  I, in turn, am exhausted and frustrated, which does not make it easy for me to get myself dressed in the morning!

Outfit #1 is a combo of Gap and Loft pieces.  You can tell I'm frazzled in this picture because I didn't iron my pants.  Oh well, I sit at a desk all day anyways.
 I have to do a quick review of these pants 1) because the picture on the Gap website just doesn't do it justice, and 2) the reviews on the Gap website are really mediocre.  These are fabulous pants if you are a bit curvy.  I have found that the waist is very flattering; it sits below your natural waist, but isn't incredibly low cut.  The legs are definitely a wide leg, but not nearly as much as they are shown on the website.  I think if you are very slender, these will swallow your legs completely, but if you have a little thickness to your thighs (like me!), these are incredibly flattering.  I purchased these in the long length and they are definitely long enough to wear with higher heels and platform sandals.  I am planning on purchasing them in the regular length to wear with lower heels and flats.

Outfit #2 is one of my favorite frazzled mommy outfits, mostly because I feel like I'm wearing pajamas.  And it is even better that I get to wear this to work!  Campbell jumped in this shot, and then stood in front of my for every other shot, until she bumped her head on the counter and subsequently threw a temper tantrum.  Remember, frazzled mommy.....
 Express Sweater tunic and leggings

Here you can see my favorite boots in the world.  These are the Seychelles True Story boots, which were a Christmas gift from the hubbs.  I am completely addicted to Seychelles (post on those forthcoming), and these boots are absolutely fantastic.  They are made of a very soft leather, and have a small heel.  Best part is that you can wear them as over the knee boots by just unfolding the cuff.  Ryan ordered these for me from Piperlime, where they are now on sale!  I wear between a 9 and 9.5 in Seychelles.  These are a 9.5 and I think I could have gone slightly smaller, but the 9 would have been too snug and would have taken too long to stretch out. 

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm so happy for the weekend to be here!  We have a wedding shower to attend for a couple that is absolutely wonderful-- plus, their wedding is the reason we are going to the Bahamas next month! :)  Any big plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A taste of Spring!

We had temps in the mid 60's here in the RVA, which meant I could break out some of my new Spring items. 

I had some Christmas returns to make at JCrew a few weeks back and honestly couldn't find anything I was dying to have.  I finally settled on the Waverly Chinos, and I'm pretty pleased with them.  I was a huge devotee to the Cafe Capris for years, but the cut is a bit more slim this year and I just didn't find them as flattering as years past.  It could have just been my mood that day I was shopping, though.

 JCrew Waverly Chinos, size 8, (no idea what color... I didn't save the tag, and it isn't listed online, but it is a slate blue-ish color)

I'm really loving the Loft shell.  The colors are fantastic for Spring; lots of coral and pinks, with hints of burgundy and seafoamy/pale mint colors.  The collar stands up a little with ruffles, so it adds a little to the neckline without looking bulky.  The cardigan is another one that I mentioned in my previous post- I'm obsessed with this cardigan.  Very lightweight, but it isn't flimsy and wears nicely all day long. 

 Lucky you, I took this picture in the morning before rushing out the door.  Make up and hair is nice and fresh... you don't have to see two days of me looking run down and ragged!

Like I said, I'm pretty happy with the Waverlys.  They have a nice cut, but I think I will only wear them rolled up.  The length is fairly short, I think.  The item description says it is a 32" inseam, but I honestly think it is closer to 31".  That said, if you are a bit more slender in the hip and thigh region than I, you could pull it off unrolled with some cute kitten heels or flats.  The Waverly Chino kept it's fit all day long, especially in the rear.  I was chained to my desk on the phone all day long, and I did not end up with a saggy rear (which often happens to me and chino-style pants).  I don't know that I'd pay full price for another pair, though, so if you are considering them, I'd suggest snagging them when they are on sale.  There just isn't anything that makes me go "Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhh" enough to pay full price, you know?

We head back to the wintry temps tomorrow, so it will be back to jeans and sweaters for me.  This taste of Spring has me yearning for skirts, dresses, and fun sandals, so I'm dreading the cold after this tease.  Did anyone else get to enjoy the warmer temps today?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beautiful Boden

Many thanks to Dina over at My Superfluities, I was introduced to the wonderful, beautiful world of Boden.  For those of you who have not had a chance to shop Johnnie Boden's fantastic designs, you must go visit now .  I really can't think of a good way to describe it, but the colorways are amazing- beautiful prints and colors that you just don't find in many stores here in Richmond, especially at this time of year.

After an excruiatingly long, crazy day at work, I came home to a beautiful polka dot package from the fantastic folks at Boden.. hooray, my order arrived!  I purchased the Pool Party Tunic and the Printed Cotton Skirt.  I'm beyond happy with them!

First up, the Pool Party Tunic in the Rosebud Pavilion colorway.  This is so very reminiscent of Lily Pullitzer, for a fraction of the price.  Definitely a tunic, this beauty hit me mid thigh, but the slits on the side will prevent it from being worn on its own.  I plan on wearing this on my trip to the Bahamas next month, and then throughout the Spring and Summer over some skinny cropped jeans.  (Please excuse the worn down, ragged look of my hair and makeup... that's what a 10 hour work day will do to ya!).

 Got this in a size 6 and it fits like a glove.  Loose, but still snug in the right places to keep it from looking shapeless. The cotton has a nice feel to it; not super sheer and has a good weight.  I feel like I stay away from tunics because they tend to only look good on super slim ladies, but I think this tunic has changed my mind!  I'm pretty curvy (small natural waist, but wide hips), and I feel like this is incredibly flattering for my body type. 

Below is the Printed Cotton Skirt in the Multi Palm Beach colorway.  Again, very reminiscent of Lilly.  I love a good A-line, but again with the wider hips, I have a hard time with them.  They are either too big in the waist or to tight in the hips.  Johnnie got it right with this one.  The cut is fantastic.  The skirt fits snugly at my natural waist, and doesn't pull a bit in my hips.  I purchased this skirt in an 8 regular, and again, a great fit.  The skirt hits me right past the knees and I think will look great with flats or heels.

I think I would probably wear this cardigan with the skirt, but I'm not sure.  I went a little overboard this month at Gap on this great item.  It is the shirred shoulder cardigan, and I think I bought it on sale with an additional 40% off, so it came to maybe $13.  Do I even need to say that I have four (different colors, of course)?
 A side shot of the skirt.  I feel like this is always an important piece of how a skirt fits.  I have a little pooch that is feeling impossible to get rid of after the baby, so I try to find items that complement my stomach rather than make the pooch more obvious.  This skirt does that nicely.

What do you think?  For those of you making Boden purchases this spring, what are you planning on getting (or already purchased)?  If you haven't seen Boden before, are you thinking of checking them out?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cleaning out my closet

I'll admit... I've gone a little overboard with the shopping lately.  As I was cleaning and doing laundry, I realized that I am hoarding clothes that I no longer wear.  I have some items up for sale- I'll leave them here for a week and if they remain unsold, I'll take them to ebay!  A lot of these items are designer labels, and are completely authentic.  I am listing them at super low prices because I need to get them out of my closet!

All items include first class domestic shipping (international?  just ask!).  I will sell these on a first come basis, so the first person to email me will be the lucky buyer! I will send you an invoice through Paypal. I've noted the designer and as much information as I can remember/gather on the item up for sale.  If you need to know specifics, let me know. 

Email tiffany dot a dot norwood AT gmail dot com .  Please make sure you include the item you are interested in purchasing in the subject line.  Thanks!

Item 1- Citizens of Humanity Jeans; Naomi #065 low waist flare.  Size 28/6 - $30.00
Wore these maybe 7 times before getting pregnant.  There is some slight wear at the hem, but in looking at the rear pockets, I think that is the style of the jeans.  These are standard length and have not been hemmed. 

Detail of pocket and hems.

Item #2- Gap Perfect Bootcut Cords from Holiday 2010.  Size 29/8 regular length. $15.00
I think this is the "Stone" color.  These are brand new without tags; I purchased these and they were a teeny bit snug.  Took the tags off, and never ended up wearing them! 

 Item #3- Boden blouse, size 10. $10.00
Purchased late Winter 2010.  This came with a cami, but I cannot find the cami for the life of me.  I think I recall the cami being really short because I always wore a different cami underneath.  The blouse has lingerie securing straps.  100% silk; more of a greenish olive color (the photo makes it look more brownish olive).  Worn maybe 3 times.

Item #4- Kimchi and Blue pink and white striped blouse.  Size Medium. $8.00
The material is a heavier, woven cotton, with an elastic cinched waist.  Comes with a belt of the same material to fashionably cinch the waist.  Worn less than 5 times.

Item #5- H&M Black poplin skirt, size 10. $8.00
Worn once.  Skirt has a rear zip and hits (me) right above the knee.

Item #6- Lucky Brand Corduroy Skirt, Size 29/8.  $8.00
This skirt is gently used (I've worn it maybe 10 times over the course of 3 years).  Skirt hits mid-knee and has a front kick pleat.  Front slit pockets, but no rear pockets.

Item #7- JCrew Black Cotton Casual dress, Size Medium. $8.00
This dress is of a heavier cotton, with a notched v-neck.  The v-neck is a bit low cut, so I've worn it with a cami or tank underneath.  Ties either in the front or back.  I'm not sure of the name of this dress, and it appears I cut the tag with the style number out of the dress. Hits (me) mid thigh.

Item #8- Loft Chiffon Rosettes cardigan in Champagne, Size Medium. $7.00
I think I *might* have worn this cardigan twice. 

Item #9- Diane von Furstenberg black low cut cotton dress.  Size 6. $17.00
This is a fanastic dress for spring and summer.  Flowy cotton (not jersey, definitely heavier), with on seam pockets.  There is banding at the waist that stops right around your belly button.  The dress is definitely low cut in the front and back.  I wore it out to nice dinners and dancing, and have also worn a cami under it with a cropped cardigan on top.  Dress hits at the knees.
 Item #10- JCrew Factory Cafe Capri. Size 6. $18.00
These are brand new with tags. 

 Item #11- Isaac Mizarahi for Target black lace dress. Size 4.  $8.00
Brand new with tags, purchased sometime in late 2007.  Very pretty dress, and I'm sick that it doesn't fit (even after all these years).  I remember it having a very Audrey Hepburn fit.  Comes with a wide grosgain ribbon belt.  Fully lined.  Hits right below the knee.

Item #12- Diane von Furstenberg wool wrap dress. Size 8. $20.00
The classic DVF wrapdress.  I loved it, but felt that it runs just a smidge small (if you are a slender 8 it would work for you.  I'm a bit more curvy, so it looked a little too provocative for my tastes).  There is a teensy pin hole right near the left breast pocket (see 2nd pic), which isn't noticeable when you are wearing it.

I have a couple other items I am gathering up to sell as well.  If I find that selling items through this venue works well for me, I will do it more frequently.  Happy shopping!