Sunday, July 11, 2010

Welcome to the world of technology!

I've always felt that I'm quite welcoming, heck even excited about technology and all the its advancements.  But I will admit that I often skimp on technology for myself... meaning that I won't spend the extra $$ to have all the bells and whistles if I can find something a little less expensive (I prefer to spend my cash on clothes and shoes and Campbell).

Well, in the course of 2 weeks we had our digital camera die, along with my cell phone take a dive in the swimming pool, and Ryan's cell phone take a running leap off the roof of our car at 35 mph (which resulted in it being totally smashed on the side of the road).  It was time for us to make some major purchases. 

First, to replace the camera, I finally decided it was time to get something decent and go for the Nikon.  I was sort of inching towards an SLR style camera, but decided that I needed something a little more sleek to fit in my purse or diaper bag.  In the end, we decided on the Nikon CoolPix S8000 .  I'm really excited about this camera!  It has 14.2 megapixels, and a 10x zoom, all in a sleek little package.  I haven't had anything to take pictures of lately, but that's my project this upcoming week, so I'll post some up here so you all can see how she works!

Next, we needed to do something about our cell phones.  Mine had dried out and was functioning (sort of), but Ryan had no communication capabilities outside of a landline.  Since we were out of contract with our current provider, we shopped around to see what we liked.  Long story short, AT&T ended up having a great deal for us because of a discount through Ryan's employer.  We are now the owners of the... iPhone!  I never really thought I'd see the day when I'd sit in awe of my cell phone and play with it for hours... but that day has come, sweetie.  It really is a fun phone!  And, even cooler-- I finally got Ryan to sign up for a Facebook account (he said that since he has the iPhone, he supposes he could update his page through there if he wanted)!

It is as if we stepped out from under a rock and entered 2010.  Amazing!

Side note:  I've done 2 days of the running program I mentioned below.  Still loving it!  Had to take the weekend off, because frankly- I had no time to get to the gym!  So tomorrow will be day 3 of week 1, and then I'll take Tuesday off, and start week 2 on Wednesday.  Anyone else trying it?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Run, baby, run!

I have never been much of a runner, but I have often wished that I was.  Runners always seem so at peace when they are running.  Plus, most runners have a pretty nice physique. Unfortunately, the whole running thing has been lost on me.  I am often in pain when I run (I apparently don't breathe well when I run.... I think I hold my breath or something), and my mental monologue typically makes me cash out way before I'm ready.  Additionally, my mind never calms down enough for me to find that "peace" that so many runners claim to get.

I need to run, however.  I'm not pushing myself much in the cardio department at the gym, and I need a change.  Unfortunately, I'm too embarassed of my lack of drive to join a running group, and I refuse to pay $50+ for someone to stand next to me at the treadmill encouraging me to run.

Great news!  I stumbled upon a running podcast that was totally free!  I've never paid much attention to podcasts, but I found this one and I really like it!  It is a 9 week podcast called "Couch to 5K".  Now, don't let the name fool you... I have no intentions of actually running a 5K or any other type of marathon.  I just want to break past the mental block that I have when it comes to running.  This program seems to do just that by slowly easing you into running through interval training.  I started with week 1 today (despite my best efforts, today was my first day of week 1... baaaaah), and I truly enjoyed it. 

The gist of the podcast is this.... a man (named Robert Ullrey) coaches you along... tells you when to run, when to walk, and encourages you along the way.  There is some really cool house/techno music in the background that I actually enjoyed (surprise!).  Week 1's workout is about 30 minutes long, and I was honestly shocked that it went by as quickly as it did.  I plan on doing all 9 weeks and seeing what happens to my running mentality (and perhaps weight loss goal??).  I'll post updates each week.

If you want to try it out, or even try it along with me, you can go here to download the podcasts to you iPod or MP3 player (or whatever else plays podcasts).