Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can't a girl get some sleep?

Oh sweet baby Jesus... all I want is some sleep.  Some uninterrupted, 8-10 hours of blissful sleep.  It is just not happening around here.  Campbell is sleeping for maybe 6-8 hours, MAX, and I'm beyond stressed at work with a new project I'm supervising.  Oh well.... I guess I'll sleep when Campbell's grown and out of the house, right?

But seriously, until that day comes... mommies- any tips for getting more sleep?  We are able to get Campbell down for bed between 8/8:30 PM during the week and she usually gets up around 5:30 AM (30 minutes before that blessed alarm goes off! gah!).  On the weekends, she goes to bed around the same time and *maybe* lets us get up around 6:30/6:45.  Last night, we were out with friends at a kid friendly function and got home around 10:45 PM.  Campbell went straight to bed, and woke up promptly at 6:30 AM.  AHHHHH- serenity, and SLEEP, now please! 

I'm running on fumes, ladies.  I'll blame the exhaustion and the business at work for my delay in posting these two outfits.  I worked on two outfits centered around the Real Straight jeans from Gap.  I think these jeans are a fantastic sub for super skinny jeans if you are a bit curvier.  They are just a smidge wider at the ankles than skinny jeans, so the proportion to my thighs is a bit more complimentary.  I am still nervous to wear them completely straight, so here they are slightly folded.  I used to do the JCrew sloppy fold but after trying them this way, I found I liked the fold better!

 Gap Real Straight Jeans- Size 29/8- This style has an interior print of birds that you can see when you fold the jeans.  I think it was an early Fall '10 style.
Gap Cardigan (my fave!)

Close up shot of the cuff.  I folded this so that the bottom of the cuff hit right at my ankle bone.

Love these shoes.  Love them.  I love Seychelles anyways, but the Ring in the New Year's are so awesome for Spring.  Plus they are super comfy!

Here is another outfit with the Gap Real Straights.  These are the dark wash, nothing fancy.  I paired it with the Loft Sequin front sweatshirt from this late winter campaign.

Loft Sequin front Sweatshirt, size S
Loft t-strap suede heels in pewter, size 9

I'm loving the sequin sweatshirt!  It is so comfy and goes dressed up or down.  I'll definitely wear this through the Spring.

I hope you are getting more rest than I am.... Campbell is flipping out about something right now, so I'm off to save the day!

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