Saturday, April 30, 2011

My fear of white

I have this fear of wearing white.  Inevitably, I will spill something on myself.  Case in point, day #2 on my new job, I was wearing a lovely white tunic top with jeans.  At approximately 10 AM, I spilled coffee straight down the front of my shirt and had to wear it that way the rest of the workday.  Fast forward to maybe a month ago, I was wearing the same tunic on a nice weather day and eating breakfast in the car on the way to work.  I happened to look down while sitting at a stop light, only to notice that I dribbled hot sauce all down the front of my white tunic. Luckily I was close enough to home that I could turn around to change, but still.

So, even with this fear, I went on a limb and picked up a pair of white cropped jeans.  I purchased them from Old Navy last weekend when they were running their $6 clearance bottoms promotion.  I figured at $6, if I ruined them in less than 8 hours, it wouldn't be a total wash.  I'm proud to say that I wore the jeans for a full 12 hours without incident!

Old Navy The Diva White skinny ankle flare jeans, size 8
Old Navy Tiered tank, size Small
Gap cinched shoulder cardigan, size Medium
Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges, Summer 2010

I also have a fear that I look a bit like a huge marshmallow in white pants, especially from behind since my behind is a bit more ample than most (hence the back shot).

They were a bit more snug in the rear earlier in the day, when I took these pictures, than they were by the end of the day.  The jeans have 1% spandex, so they hold their shape nicely, while also stretching to give a comfortable fit. 

I was also pretty nervous about wearing white before Memorial Day.  I can't remember if the rules have changed, but I've seen a ton of white jeans and pants around here in Richmond.  Is everyone else wearing white pants already, too?  No one fainted at the sight of me wearing white pants before Memorial Day here in the South... did I commit a faux pas?

If you are liking the jeans I wore, you can find them here, in sizes 12-20, and on sale for $25.00.  Your local store will probably have them for cheaper (they were marked to $14.99 in store when I purchased them).  The reviews online say that these sit low, which is true, but I didn't think they sat SO low that I looked like I was trying to be 13.  I'd say that they sit lower than most of the jeans I currently wear (like Gap's Sexy Bootcut jeans).

You can find similiar styles below:

Bloomies- Paige Premium Denim
For a skinnier fit, JCrew Cropped Matchstick White jeans
Gap- Cropped kick flare white jeans

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!  I am about to gear up for an 80's theme 30th birthday party for a friend.  I'm so excited to transport back to the truly outrageous styles of the 80's.  I'll definitely do a post of the party fashions for everyone's enjoyment! :)

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  1. I really want to see the 80s look. :)

    I love you in these jeans, I totally get being fearful of wearing white. Children and white? Not the best of friends, lol.