Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A taste of Spring!

We had temps in the mid 60's here in the RVA, which meant I could break out some of my new Spring items. 

I had some Christmas returns to make at JCrew a few weeks back and honestly couldn't find anything I was dying to have.  I finally settled on the Waverly Chinos, and I'm pretty pleased with them.  I was a huge devotee to the Cafe Capris for years, but the cut is a bit more slim this year and I just didn't find them as flattering as years past.  It could have just been my mood that day I was shopping, though.

 JCrew Waverly Chinos, size 8, (no idea what color... I didn't save the tag, and it isn't listed online, but it is a slate blue-ish color)

I'm really loving the Loft shell.  The colors are fantastic for Spring; lots of coral and pinks, with hints of burgundy and seafoamy/pale mint colors.  The collar stands up a little with ruffles, so it adds a little to the neckline without looking bulky.  The cardigan is another one that I mentioned in my previous post- I'm obsessed with this cardigan.  Very lightweight, but it isn't flimsy and wears nicely all day long. 

 Lucky you, I took this picture in the morning before rushing out the door.  Make up and hair is nice and fresh... you don't have to see two days of me looking run down and ragged!

Like I said, I'm pretty happy with the Waverlys.  They have a nice cut, but I think I will only wear them rolled up.  The length is fairly short, I think.  The item description says it is a 32" inseam, but I honestly think it is closer to 31".  That said, if you are a bit more slender in the hip and thigh region than I, you could pull it off unrolled with some cute kitten heels or flats.  The Waverly Chino kept it's fit all day long, especially in the rear.  I was chained to my desk on the phone all day long, and I did not end up with a saggy rear (which often happens to me and chino-style pants).  I don't know that I'd pay full price for another pair, though, so if you are considering them, I'd suggest snagging them when they are on sale.  There just isn't anything that makes me go "Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhh" enough to pay full price, you know?

We head back to the wintry temps tomorrow, so it will be back to jeans and sweaters for me.  This taste of Spring has me yearning for skirts, dresses, and fun sandals, so I'm dreading the cold after this tease.  Did anyone else get to enjoy the warmer temps today?


  1. I so wore my waverly chinos, too! We only made it to 52 or so, but I was super-pumped to be above 40. (I miss the winter warm temps we usually get here in VA, can you believe we have gone since DECEMBER without one or two days above 50? Boo. Yes, I know I sound like a wimp...)

    Hope you have a great tomorrow, regardless of the cold. LOL. :)

  2. Thanks Dina! The temporary warm weather spoiled me... I keep running out of the house without my jacket! I am like you, I need the warm weather ASAP! :)