Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mirror Makeover

When my sister, Celia, moved out to California last December, she offered up a load of goodies from her super chic apartment. I snagged a HUGE mirror with a faux gilded frame, along with some other great items. At the time, I didn't know exactly where or when I would use the mirror, but the size of it was too good to pass up. Once we moved into our home, I knew that the mirror was the perfect size for our dining room.... the faux gold, however? Not so much.

I mean, judge for yourselves.

Here's a close up of the faux gold frame. Isn't it to die for? Gag me, please.

Enter 1 can of Rustoleum's 2x spray paint in Heirlom White. In less than an hour, the mirror went from gaudy to gorgeous!

Here it is, hanging in our dining room (ignore the odd white lines on the mirror.... must have been some weird thing from the flash).

And a close up of the frame... isn't it lovely?

Now I just have to be careful since now I want to spray paint everything!

Next project update... the patio! We're on deck for the work to begin on Monday, as long as the rain holds off!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best invention for mommies!

I am in LOVE with the Dwink box!

Campbell has started her love of juice boxes, but I'm totally over the phrase, "Don't squeeze it!" since I've said it about half a million times in the past week. Dwink boxes are hard, plastic holders for all sizes of drink boxes, soy milk boxes, and even those soft Capri Sun type juice packages. My life is instantly improved by at least 70% by the sheer fact that I am no longer saying "Don't squeeze it!" every time Campbell drinks out a juice box. And for a mere $4.99! Needless to say, we bought 2.
Campbell loves them too!

And here is one more gratuitous shot of Miss Campbell enjoying her new Dwink box. She's so darn cute!

Mommies, you can find them at the Dwink box website. These also make great gifts for mommies, too!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Ok, I've been really horrible at keeping up with the blog. We've been so busy, it often feels like the day has just begun by the time it is about to end. I guess this is growing up....

So here in a nutshell is what has been going on...

1) School started. I'm beyond stressed and overwhelmed, but trying to find the joy in the work. It's hard most days... heck, most weeks. But I'm trying, and I guess we'll see how things work out as the year progresses.

2) In addition to working like a crazy woman, I've started working out again. Woohoo! Ryan has a total workout/food plan, so he's encouraging me to stay on track. 4 days a week, I'm at the gym at Woodlake. It's nice, but ugh- some days it takes just about every grain of energy I have left to just walk in there, especially after the days I'm having at work.

3) We have been BUSY! Ryan has been coaching a baseball team, so just about every weekend is consumed with something related to baseball. We've also been out of town for a wedding, and I swear it takes me almost 2 weeks to get readjusted after being out of town for a few days.

4) Campbell is growing up fast! She's not growing a lot size-wise (she's still a petite little thing!), but she is talking up a storm. And she is FUNNY! Ryan and I spend a lot of our free time laughing at her, and it's nice to have our own little comedian here in the house.

I'm sure there are other things that have been going on that have been consuming our time, but I couldn't think if anything else right now if I tried. With all the stuff going on around here, some of the projects around the house have slowed to a stop. But we do have a very exciting addition to announce....

THE PATIO! :) Yes, the long awaited patio will be put in by the end of the month. (Wait, you didn't think I was referencing something else, did you??) I can't wait! Before and afters will definitely be up for your enjoyment!

And speaking of home improvements, has anyone seen or heard of this Cricut thing?? I saw an infomercial on it this morning... and I think I want one. They are pricey though, I think.... but I might have to get one!