Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tried and true

Last night as I was getting dressed for bed, I had a random realization that the pajama pants I was wearing are almost *10* years old! Crazy, right?! They are a pair of random Old Navy cropped cotton pj pants, with a red, white and blue pattern (so either from Memorial Day or July 4th). I remember purchasing them on a super clearance for something like $4. They are some of my favorite pj pants (just ask my hubbs... I wear them constantly). They are buttery soft, and have fit me through my variety of body sizes. I even wore them for a while when I was pregnant! :)

At any rate, it got me thinking.... what else do I have or use that is tried and true for me? I can be a creature of habit and use the same thing over and over again. A few of the things that came to mind were:

1) Benefit's Boi-ing concealer in medium. -- I was introduced to this concealer sometime after 2003 by my sister, Celia. It has been the ONLY concealer I have used since! No matter my skin tone or the season, this concealer works. It covers the hereditary dark circles under my eyes, as well as the occassional blemish. Plus, it lasts forever! I'm about 25% through my current container, and I think I purchased it sometime last summer.

2) Bath and Body Works Tahiti Sweetie body lotion -- I started using this sometime in 2004, and the only vacation I took from it was after Campbell was born (I was told to use unscented lotion to help with breastfeeding... something about staying true to my natural "scent"...). I just love how light and crisp the scent is.... it is like a little tropical escape! Plus, it moisturizes like no one's business, and gives your skin a little glow. The hubbs is a big fan of the scent, too! :) The downside is that whenever I put it on, I have this insatiable urge to grab a margarita and sit in the sun.

3) Dr. Scholls Zodiac Sandals in black-- I purchased these in 2006, and they are still going strong. I don't know that you can purchase the original ones I own (the textured leather with the buckle on the top), but I see at DSW that you can buy a newer style with the buckle on the side. As soon as I saw the Zodiacs, I wanted them! I rarely have to have a pair of shoes, and rarely will I purchase them right away at full price (momma needs a sale or a coupon, or they have to be todiefor). They are super comfy, and they are just the right bit of dress to wear to work or with a nice dress or skirt, but casual enough to wear with shorts. I love that they have held up for four years (I wear them starting in the spring, through the summer, and into the fall), without any need for repair!

4) Nellie & Joe's Key Lime Juice -- I started making Key Lime pies sometime in the summer of 2007, and this is the only stuff I use to make them. Sure, I can juice a bunch of key limes, but have you seen how tiny those things are?! Who has the time for that? Plus, you only use a teeny bit of the bottle to make a pie.... so I like to have it on hand to add to my summertime adult beverages. ;-) I always have a bottle of this stuff in the fridge so I can make a pie at a moments notice.... they are quite a hit, if I do say so myself. :)

I'm sure there are others.... but what about you? Are there some products that when you stop and think about it, you realize that you've been using for years? What about clothing?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review of the belted bow bikini

It is that time... dreaded bathing suit season. Well, actually I don't dread the season, just the whole "trying to look good in a bathing suit, but I still have about 5-10 pounds to lose" part of the season. At any rate, we all know it's coming.... days spent soaking up the sun at the pool, vacations at the beach..... so bathing suit time it is.
I decided to give a quick review of the JCrew swimsuit I just purchased (thank you JCrew for the fabulous 20% off AND free shipping last weekend!). I was fairly terrified since I look nothing like the models on the website/in the catalog.... but a discount and free shipping sweetened the deal since I could return it if I didn't like it. I chose the Solid Belted Bow Bikini bottoms in dark charcoal, and the Solid Wide Band halter top to match. I particularly liked the look of these, as they have a little something going on at the top, which I felt would help to minimize any lingering hip fat that I am still rocking.

And what would a review be without some IRL pictures? Hold on to your hats... it's Tiffany in a bathing suit....

Phew... that wasn't TOO terrible, was it? Thank goodness my airbrush tan is still looking nice and golden-- doesn't a tan make trying on a swimsuit that much better?

I am actually very pleasantly surprised at how happy I am with this swimsuit. I feel like it does make my hips look a little more slim, and it doesn't emphasize the tummy that is still present (though it is slowly making an exit). Additionally, the full coverage in the rear (which isn't full coverage on my wider-than-average bottom) is flattering but not too revealing. The top is nice, but I'm wondering if I would have a little more lift with the underwire halter top? I like that it is nice and secure, though, which is key when lifting a toddler around.

My only concern is pickage. I have the twist front bikini from last season, and from sitting on the side of the pool with Campbell, it did snag a teensy bit. Best way to avoid that would be to sit on a towel, I suppose.

I do wish that this swimsuit came in some prints or floral patterns. The brighter colors, like the neon rose or neon purple, might be a good substitute.

I like it so much, that I'm planning on purchasing the same bottoms and a slightly different top! What colors do you think would be best? I'm leaning towards something bright since I have the dark charcoal (like the neon purple), but should I go with something darker like the brown or navy?

This of course means that I need to return the swimsuit I purchased from Lands End (that I was never entirely happy about anyways).... and wouldn't you know that I tossed the packing slip from the purchase this past weekend. I'm such a dummy. Hopefully I can get my $$ back though, so I can make a purchase with JCrew (and maybe there will be a coupon code or at least some free shipping in the meantime????).

Monday, May 24, 2010

Miss Campbell is 2!

I can't believe our little girl is 2 years old. Some days, the time has seemed to drag (is she JUST now turning 2? I feel like she's been sassing me for years already)... but then to hear her tell me an entire story or talk to me while she's eating her dinner, and I realize that I remember the days before she was born like they were literally this morning. The time has flown!

And, a polyvore for the outfit I wore.... yes, I noticed that the only 2 polyvores I've ever done both feature the same top. Ugh.... I swear I wear clothes! haha!

In love....

Is it wrong to love a cleaning product? If so, then I truly do not want to be right! :) I am madly in love with the Woolite Rug Stick!

Before purchasing our home almost a year and a half ago, we came from rental properties that only had hard wood floors. As much as we love the hard wood, with a toddler we needed carpet. In a year and a half, the carpet in the living room is looking a bit downtrodden. I tend to be a bit skeptical when it comes to cleaning products, so I have ignored the Woolite Rug Stick commericals for a while. The hubbs and I have been complaining about the dark, matted down spots on the carpet for a while though, and we decided to give this a shot.

Let me tell you-- it is worth the hype! The carpet looked VERY refreshed, the stains and dirt were GONE, and the entire room just smelled incredibly fresh. I will say, however, that it took a lot of scrubbing, and I used the entire 22 oz. can for just half of my living room. I think that with more regular use, however, I won't need to a) scrub like the Queen is coming to visit, and b) use the entire can for one spot on the rug!

The kit is about $15, and the full size spray is $5 (I think). For that price, it's great maintanence for carpet and area rugs (and personally, I liked the results better than when we've had the carpets professionally cleaned!).

Monday, May 3, 2010

Convo with a toddler...

The joys of toddlerhood.... actual conversation:

Campbell: "Mommy, I want snack. Milk milk milk.... MILK!"

Me: "Ok, you want milk? Where are your manners?"

Campbell: "MILK!.... Pweeze."

(leaves to prepare sippy of milk, return, and hand sippy to Campbell)

Me: "Manners please."

Campbell: "Tank yooooooouuuuuuuu!"

Me: "You are welcome!"

Campbell: "Teddy Bear want drink. Teddy Bear want juicemilkwater."

Me: "Which one? Juice, milk or water?"

Campbell: "Juice. Milk."

Me: "Hmmm... how about juice?" (come back with prepared juice sippy)

Campbell: "No! Milk!"

Me: "Teddy Bear said he wants juice."

(a bit of time to process this....)

Campbell: "Teddy Bear wants drink."

Me: "Teddy Bear has a drink."

Campbell: "Teddy Bear wants snack. Butter!"

Me: "Teddy Bear wants butter?! That's silly!"

Campbell: "Teddy Bear wants pancake! Cookie! Chips!"

And I sit in utter confusion. :)