Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frazzled mommy style

Both of these outfits represent the frazzled state I've been in lately.  Campbell has been potty training herself (hooray!), but is experiencing lots of constipation from witholding (boo!).  She is cranky, doesn't sleep well, doesn't eat well, and is just overall miserable.  I, in turn, am exhausted and frustrated, which does not make it easy for me to get myself dressed in the morning!

Outfit #1 is a combo of Gap and Loft pieces.  You can tell I'm frazzled in this picture because I didn't iron my pants.  Oh well, I sit at a desk all day anyways.
 I have to do a quick review of these pants 1) because the picture on the Gap website just doesn't do it justice, and 2) the reviews on the Gap website are really mediocre.  These are fabulous pants if you are a bit curvy.  I have found that the waist is very flattering; it sits below your natural waist, but isn't incredibly low cut.  The legs are definitely a wide leg, but not nearly as much as they are shown on the website.  I think if you are very slender, these will swallow your legs completely, but if you have a little thickness to your thighs (like me!), these are incredibly flattering.  I purchased these in the long length and they are definitely long enough to wear with higher heels and platform sandals.  I am planning on purchasing them in the regular length to wear with lower heels and flats.

Outfit #2 is one of my favorite frazzled mommy outfits, mostly because I feel like I'm wearing pajamas.  And it is even better that I get to wear this to work!  Campbell jumped in this shot, and then stood in front of my for every other shot, until she bumped her head on the counter and subsequently threw a temper tantrum.  Remember, frazzled mommy.....
 Express Sweater tunic and leggings

Here you can see my favorite boots in the world.  These are the Seychelles True Story boots, which were a Christmas gift from the hubbs.  I am completely addicted to Seychelles (post on those forthcoming), and these boots are absolutely fantastic.  They are made of a very soft leather, and have a small heel.  Best part is that you can wear them as over the knee boots by just unfolding the cuff.  Ryan ordered these for me from Piperlime, where they are now on sale!  I wear between a 9 and 9.5 in Seychelles.  These are a 9.5 and I think I could have gone slightly smaller, but the 9 would have been too snug and would have taken too long to stretch out. 

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm so happy for the weekend to be here!  We have a wedding shower to attend for a couple that is absolutely wonderful-- plus, their wedding is the reason we are going to the Bahamas next month! :)  Any big plans for the weekend?


  1. Frazzled Mommy WHAT?!? You look great!

  2. you look awesome! i wear pjs and sweats all the time! do the gap pants have any stretch? i lone them in white for spring/summer!

  3. Thanks Amber! It is so hard getting ready in the morning to begin with, but adding a potty training toddler in the mix doesn't make it any easier! Some days are better than others! :)

    Lizzy- these Gap pants do not have stretch. I think the Modern Bootcuts do have stretch, but I think they only come in khaki in the cotton/stretch. I found that I can get away with 3 wears on those pants before needing to wash them from stretching out because the cotton is a little heavier. I was in Gap yesterday and they were having an in-store promotion on all of their pants (excluding jeans)! The perfect khakis were on sale for $35 I think!