Saturday, April 30, 2011

My fear of white

I have this fear of wearing white.  Inevitably, I will spill something on myself.  Case in point, day #2 on my new job, I was wearing a lovely white tunic top with jeans.  At approximately 10 AM, I spilled coffee straight down the front of my shirt and had to wear it that way the rest of the workday.  Fast forward to maybe a month ago, I was wearing the same tunic on a nice weather day and eating breakfast in the car on the way to work.  I happened to look down while sitting at a stop light, only to notice that I dribbled hot sauce all down the front of my white tunic. Luckily I was close enough to home that I could turn around to change, but still.

So, even with this fear, I went on a limb and picked up a pair of white cropped jeans.  I purchased them from Old Navy last weekend when they were running their $6 clearance bottoms promotion.  I figured at $6, if I ruined them in less than 8 hours, it wouldn't be a total wash.  I'm proud to say that I wore the jeans for a full 12 hours without incident!

Old Navy The Diva White skinny ankle flare jeans, size 8
Old Navy Tiered tank, size Small
Gap cinched shoulder cardigan, size Medium
Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges, Summer 2010

I also have a fear that I look a bit like a huge marshmallow in white pants, especially from behind since my behind is a bit more ample than most (hence the back shot).

They were a bit more snug in the rear earlier in the day, when I took these pictures, than they were by the end of the day.  The jeans have 1% spandex, so they hold their shape nicely, while also stretching to give a comfortable fit. 

I was also pretty nervous about wearing white before Memorial Day.  I can't remember if the rules have changed, but I've seen a ton of white jeans and pants around here in Richmond.  Is everyone else wearing white pants already, too?  No one fainted at the sight of me wearing white pants before Memorial Day here in the South... did I commit a faux pas?

If you are liking the jeans I wore, you can find them here, in sizes 12-20, and on sale for $25.00.  Your local store will probably have them for cheaper (they were marked to $14.99 in store when I purchased them).  The reviews online say that these sit low, which is true, but I didn't think they sat SO low that I looked like I was trying to be 13.  I'd say that they sit lower than most of the jeans I currently wear (like Gap's Sexy Bootcut jeans).

You can find similiar styles below:

Bloomies- Paige Premium Denim
For a skinnier fit, JCrew Cropped Matchstick White jeans
Gap- Cropped kick flare white jeans

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!  I am about to gear up for an 80's theme 30th birthday party for a friend.  I'm so excited to transport back to the truly outrageous styles of the 80's.  I'll definitely do a post of the party fashions for everyone's enjoyment! :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cardigan Queen

I have realized that I have way too many cardigans.  On top of that, I wear a cardigan almost every day.  I feel like I need some sort of change, but I can't really figure out how to break that cycle.  Until then, here are two outfits with cardigans!

Outfit #1- VA's weather has been all over the place this past week.  One day it was super breezy and almost 85 degrees, the next it is 60 and rainy.  I think this outfit was from Wednesday, when we had some sun and upper 60s!

 JCrew Factory Jackie Cardigan Spring 2011 (can't remember the color of this, spicy olive?)- medium
JCrew Cafe Capris in black- Summer 2009?- size 6

Can I just tell you how much I adore the Tiered Ruffle tank from ON?  So much that I have 3- black, white, and green!  The tank is incredibly flattering.  The tiered ruffles lay very nicely, and interestingly enough, I swear this tank is tapered in a bit at the waist because it looks like it is cut very close to my natural waist (without the cardigan).  I'm always a bit hesitant with these types of tops because I feel like they add so much bulk to my stomach and waist, so I feel like I need to add a belt to make the top look a little more tailored.  This is not the case with this tank.  A word of warning- I have smalls in all three colors.  I bought the white in store, and tried it on and was very happy with the fit, so I purchased a small in the black and green online.  There is at least 3 inches difference in the length of the tank between the three tops.  I'm still very happy with all three tops, but it is worth noting.  

Outfit #2- By Thursday of last week, the weather peaked back up to the mid 80's with sunshine!  I received an order of Stella & Dot jewelry from a party I attended the Sunday prior, and was excited to work it into an outfit for the week.  I ended up with shades of blues with this outfit- I personally loved it!
JCrew Factory Jackie Cardigan Spring 2011 (a cool minty color)- medium
Lands End pintucked shift dress Summer 2010 (navy blue)- size 8
Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges Summer 2010

The photo is a bit small, and I didn't take a detailed picture of my jewelry, but I'm wearing a really lovely necklace from Stella & Dot called the La Coco necklace in turquoise beads.  This is an incredibly versatile necklace that can be tripled up, doubled, or worn completely long.  I also purchased a fun bee brooch to wear on the necklace, but it was a bit too much with this outfit.  I remembered Coco Chanel's quote, "When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on", and the last thing I added was the bee.  I'll save that beauty for another day.  And I'll make sure to take a better photo of my jewelry, too!

Have you heard of Joss & Main?  If you have used Rue La La, it is a lot like that, but apparently focuses on home accessories and that type of thing.  Preppy Plates, which can only be found at specialty boutiques, will be featured on April 11th, and Lilly Pulitzer will be featured April 18th!  I'm really excited.  I saw a sneak peek of some of the items that should be featured.  Who doesn't need these adorable coozies for a summer BBQ or the wine glasses for a day with the girls?

The best part?  Membership is totally free!  If you use my link by clicking here, though, you don't have to wait in line to become a member (which I've heard is a pretty lengthy line.... waits up to a month or so?!?!).

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh, hello there....

I tend to go MIA at times on this little bloggy, don't I?  I don't ever have a reason to, except for life getting in the way of having time to sit down and peck away here.  March was an insanely busy month for us.  One of our very best friend couples was married... in the BAHAMAS!  Oh yes, we went!  We had a fantastic time at the Sandals Royal Bahamian resort on Paradise Island.  This was our first resort trip, and I'm now officially addicted.  We loved our trip so much that we've booked a trip to Jamaica for April 2012.  I can't wait! :)

The wedding was beyond gorgeous.  Sandals did a fantastic job.  The wedding was beautiful, very organic, and low key.  Perfect for the couple.  I didn't take nearly enough pictures while I was there, but here are a few lovelys.

 Ahh... the life.  My Kindle and a view of the ocean.  Yep, that's my Boden Pool Party Tunic, too!  Perfect for poolside lounging.
 Ryan and I at the wedding.  Ryan is dressed head to toe in Tommy Bahama (I made him wear linen for the first time!).  I'm wearing JCrew's Juliette silk chiffon dress in Shocking Pink (got this on Final Sale around Christmas for $35!!  What a steal!).
 Enjoying one of the fabulous restaurants at the resort. 
Our last night in the Bahamas.  Isn't the sunset amazing?!  Tunic from Target... Ryan is wearing a JCrew polo (not sure which one).

We were lucky enough to spend 5 full days in the Bahamas, so of course getting back into the swing of things back home and at work was a slightly daunting task.  Ryan has been coaching his travel baseball team on the weekends, so it has been me and Campbell holding down the fort on the weekends!  I've spent too much time shopping, so I'm trying to go on a slight "shopping hiatus" for the month of April.  Mostly because, honestly, what do I need to buy?!

That being said... I have a new addiction.  It has big plans to ruin my shopping hiatus for April.  It is actually two pages on Facebook: Shopaholics Preppy Closet and Re-Lilly.  Oh dear Lilly Pulitzer.... these two FB pages are a little slice of consignment heaven, especially for Lilly Pulitzer items.  I had friends turn me on to both pages and I'm beyond obsessed with checking these pages multiple times throughout the day for something I must. have. now.  I snagged a lovely halter top that should arrive here within the next day or two for $35!  I'm so excited!  I'm stalking a few dresses and skirts right now... trying to debate if they are worth breaking my hiatus or not.  We'll see.  If you even love Lilly just a little and are on FB, you have to check out both of the pages.  

I'm also battling a massive onslaught of Spring allergies.  They have set on my tail this year.  Is anyone else struggling with allergies already?  I'm absolutely miserable.

And finally, I've also become incredibly addicted to the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  I'm so late for this bus, but I'm loving the books all the same.  I have devoured the books... just started the 5th book today!  I just love the drama and suspense.  It is like a little lovely escape from reality for a couple chapters....

I've had some fun styling some of my newer Spring items, but have not taken any pics for the blog.  I'll resolve to get back on doing that ASAP. :)