Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beautiful Boden

Many thanks to Dina over at My Superfluities, I was introduced to the wonderful, beautiful world of Boden.  For those of you who have not had a chance to shop Johnnie Boden's fantastic designs, you must go visit now .  I really can't think of a good way to describe it, but the colorways are amazing- beautiful prints and colors that you just don't find in many stores here in Richmond, especially at this time of year.

After an excruiatingly long, crazy day at work, I came home to a beautiful polka dot package from the fantastic folks at Boden.. hooray, my order arrived!  I purchased the Pool Party Tunic and the Printed Cotton Skirt.  I'm beyond happy with them!

First up, the Pool Party Tunic in the Rosebud Pavilion colorway.  This is so very reminiscent of Lily Pullitzer, for a fraction of the price.  Definitely a tunic, this beauty hit me mid thigh, but the slits on the side will prevent it from being worn on its own.  I plan on wearing this on my trip to the Bahamas next month, and then throughout the Spring and Summer over some skinny cropped jeans.  (Please excuse the worn down, ragged look of my hair and makeup... that's what a 10 hour work day will do to ya!).

 Got this in a size 6 and it fits like a glove.  Loose, but still snug in the right places to keep it from looking shapeless. The cotton has a nice feel to it; not super sheer and has a good weight.  I feel like I stay away from tunics because they tend to only look good on super slim ladies, but I think this tunic has changed my mind!  I'm pretty curvy (small natural waist, but wide hips), and I feel like this is incredibly flattering for my body type. 

Below is the Printed Cotton Skirt in the Multi Palm Beach colorway.  Again, very reminiscent of Lilly.  I love a good A-line, but again with the wider hips, I have a hard time with them.  They are either too big in the waist or to tight in the hips.  Johnnie got it right with this one.  The cut is fantastic.  The skirt fits snugly at my natural waist, and doesn't pull a bit in my hips.  I purchased this skirt in an 8 regular, and again, a great fit.  The skirt hits me right past the knees and I think will look great with flats or heels.

I think I would probably wear this cardigan with the skirt, but I'm not sure.  I went a little overboard this month at Gap on this great item.  It is the shirred shoulder cardigan, and I think I bought it on sale with an additional 40% off, so it came to maybe $13.  Do I even need to say that I have four (different colors, of course)?
 A side shot of the skirt.  I feel like this is always an important piece of how a skirt fits.  I have a little pooch that is feeling impossible to get rid of after the baby, so I try to find items that complement my stomach rather than make the pooch more obvious.  This skirt does that nicely.

What do you think?  For those of you making Boden purchases this spring, what are you planning on getting (or already purchased)?  If you haven't seen Boden before, are you thinking of checking them out?


  1. Oh, thank you for the reviews! :) I will definitely put your reviews in my "Weekly Roundup" post!

    I love the pool party tunic, so beautiful and very much Palm Beach, agreed!

    And now you are tempting me with the gorg skirt. Love!

  2. Thanks for the reviews! I LOVE the printed cotton skirt! I thought it looked too "busy" when I saw it on the website, but now that I see it on you, I can tell that is not the case. It is lovely and it looks great on you!

  3. Gah! I am totally bookmarking your site. I love Boden for the same reasons you do, and you are built like me (post-baby tummy and all.) I'm new to Boden so more help in seeing how their items fit is fantastic. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the love ladies! :)

  5. Love it! Just found your blog too. Does the tunic have any stretch? I'm pretty pear shaped/hippy and worry that it won't work for me, but I love the print and colors! Thanks!

  6. Hi! I just found you on Superfluities! I am a boden-lover an 3 months pregnant with number 2. I am pretty petite and trying to find non maternity maternity clothes. I really liked this tunic in the purple color and yet don't know what size order. I wear a size 0-2 normally. I can't decide if I should order the 4 or the 6! Any recommendations I would greatly appreciate! :)

  7. Lizzy T- the tunic does not have any stretch, but it is very forgiving. I found the measurements on the Boden website for the item were very true to size. The tunic has more room in the hips and thighs, almost like an A-line.

    Modern Mama- I think you could possibly go with a 6 and wear it all Spring and Summer. The seaming is very nice on the tunic, so I think you could quite possibly have it altered after the baby so you can wear it the following Spring and Summer, too!

  8. Such cute outfits. I really LOVE the last Boden skirt with the cardigan! Adorable!