Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh, hello there....

I tend to go MIA at times on this little bloggy, don't I?  I don't ever have a reason to, except for life getting in the way of having time to sit down and peck away here.  March was an insanely busy month for us.  One of our very best friend couples was married... in the BAHAMAS!  Oh yes, we went!  We had a fantastic time at the Sandals Royal Bahamian resort on Paradise Island.  This was our first resort trip, and I'm now officially addicted.  We loved our trip so much that we've booked a trip to Jamaica for April 2012.  I can't wait! :)

The wedding was beyond gorgeous.  Sandals did a fantastic job.  The wedding was beautiful, very organic, and low key.  Perfect for the couple.  I didn't take nearly enough pictures while I was there, but here are a few lovelys.

 Ahh... the life.  My Kindle and a view of the ocean.  Yep, that's my Boden Pool Party Tunic, too!  Perfect for poolside lounging.
 Ryan and I at the wedding.  Ryan is dressed head to toe in Tommy Bahama (I made him wear linen for the first time!).  I'm wearing JCrew's Juliette silk chiffon dress in Shocking Pink (got this on Final Sale around Christmas for $35!!  What a steal!).
 Enjoying one of the fabulous restaurants at the resort. 
Our last night in the Bahamas.  Isn't the sunset amazing?!  Tunic from Target... Ryan is wearing a JCrew polo (not sure which one).

We were lucky enough to spend 5 full days in the Bahamas, so of course getting back into the swing of things back home and at work was a slightly daunting task.  Ryan has been coaching his travel baseball team on the weekends, so it has been me and Campbell holding down the fort on the weekends!  I've spent too much time shopping, so I'm trying to go on a slight "shopping hiatus" for the month of April.  Mostly because, honestly, what do I need to buy?!

That being said... I have a new addiction.  It has big plans to ruin my shopping hiatus for April.  It is actually two pages on Facebook: Shopaholics Preppy Closet and Re-Lilly.  Oh dear Lilly Pulitzer.... these two FB pages are a little slice of consignment heaven, especially for Lilly Pulitzer items.  I had friends turn me on to both pages and I'm beyond obsessed with checking these pages multiple times throughout the day for something I must. have. now.  I snagged a lovely halter top that should arrive here within the next day or two for $35!  I'm so excited!  I'm stalking a few dresses and skirts right now... trying to debate if they are worth breaking my hiatus or not.  We'll see.  If you even love Lilly just a little and are on FB, you have to check out both of the pages.  

I'm also battling a massive onslaught of Spring allergies.  They have set on my tail this year.  Is anyone else struggling with allergies already?  I'm absolutely miserable.

And finally, I've also become incredibly addicted to the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  I'm so late for this bus, but I'm loving the books all the same.  I have devoured the books... just started the 5th book today!  I just love the drama and suspense.  It is like a little lovely escape from reality for a couple chapters....

I've had some fun styling some of my newer Spring items, but have not taken any pics for the blog.  I'll resolve to get back on doing that ASAP. :)


  1. Oh, that looks like a fabulous vacation! I could really use some sun and sand right about now:) I also love the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Do you watch True Blood?

  2. I don't! We don't have HBO... but I've put the entire season one on my Netflix queue. I can't wait to get it and vege out one weekend! :)

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