Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cleaning out my closet

I'll admit... I've gone a little overboard with the shopping lately.  As I was cleaning and doing laundry, I realized that I am hoarding clothes that I no longer wear.  I have some items up for sale- I'll leave them here for a week and if they remain unsold, I'll take them to ebay!  A lot of these items are designer labels, and are completely authentic.  I am listing them at super low prices because I need to get them out of my closet!

All items include first class domestic shipping (international?  just ask!).  I will sell these on a first come basis, so the first person to email me will be the lucky buyer! I will send you an invoice through Paypal. I've noted the designer and as much information as I can remember/gather on the item up for sale.  If you need to know specifics, let me know. 

Email tiffany dot a dot norwood AT gmail dot com .  Please make sure you include the item you are interested in purchasing in the subject line.  Thanks!

Item 1- Citizens of Humanity Jeans; Naomi #065 low waist flare.  Size 28/6 - $30.00
Wore these maybe 7 times before getting pregnant.  There is some slight wear at the hem, but in looking at the rear pockets, I think that is the style of the jeans.  These are standard length and have not been hemmed. 

Detail of pocket and hems.

Item #2- Gap Perfect Bootcut Cords from Holiday 2010.  Size 29/8 regular length. $15.00
I think this is the "Stone" color.  These are brand new without tags; I purchased these and they were a teeny bit snug.  Took the tags off, and never ended up wearing them! 

 Item #3- Boden blouse, size 10. $10.00
Purchased late Winter 2010.  This came with a cami, but I cannot find the cami for the life of me.  I think I recall the cami being really short because I always wore a different cami underneath.  The blouse has lingerie securing straps.  100% silk; more of a greenish olive color (the photo makes it look more brownish olive).  Worn maybe 3 times.

Item #4- Kimchi and Blue pink and white striped blouse.  Size Medium. $8.00
The material is a heavier, woven cotton, with an elastic cinched waist.  Comes with a belt of the same material to fashionably cinch the waist.  Worn less than 5 times.

Item #5- H&M Black poplin skirt, size 10. $8.00
Worn once.  Skirt has a rear zip and hits (me) right above the knee.

Item #6- Lucky Brand Corduroy Skirt, Size 29/8.  $8.00
This skirt is gently used (I've worn it maybe 10 times over the course of 3 years).  Skirt hits mid-knee and has a front kick pleat.  Front slit pockets, but no rear pockets.

Item #7- JCrew Black Cotton Casual dress, Size Medium. $8.00
This dress is of a heavier cotton, with a notched v-neck.  The v-neck is a bit low cut, so I've worn it with a cami or tank underneath.  Ties either in the front or back.  I'm not sure of the name of this dress, and it appears I cut the tag with the style number out of the dress. Hits (me) mid thigh.

Item #8- Loft Chiffon Rosettes cardigan in Champagne, Size Medium. $7.00
I think I *might* have worn this cardigan twice. 

Item #9- Diane von Furstenberg black low cut cotton dress.  Size 6. $17.00
This is a fanastic dress for spring and summer.  Flowy cotton (not jersey, definitely heavier), with on seam pockets.  There is banding at the waist that stops right around your belly button.  The dress is definitely low cut in the front and back.  I wore it out to nice dinners and dancing, and have also worn a cami under it with a cropped cardigan on top.  Dress hits at the knees.
 Item #10- JCrew Factory Cafe Capri. Size 6. $18.00
These are brand new with tags. 

 Item #11- Isaac Mizarahi for Target black lace dress. Size 4.  $8.00
Brand new with tags, purchased sometime in late 2007.  Very pretty dress, and I'm sick that it doesn't fit (even after all these years).  I remember it having a very Audrey Hepburn fit.  Comes with a wide grosgain ribbon belt.  Fully lined.  Hits right below the knee.

Item #12- Diane von Furstenberg wool wrap dress. Size 8. $20.00
The classic DVF wrapdress.  I loved it, but felt that it runs just a smidge small (if you are a slender 8 it would work for you.  I'm a bit more curvy, so it looked a little too provocative for my tastes).  There is a teensy pin hole right near the left breast pocket (see 2nd pic), which isn't noticeable when you are wearing it.

I have a couple other items I am gathering up to sell as well.  If I find that selling items through this venue works well for me, I will do it more frequently.  Happy shopping!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nail biter

I used to nibble on my nails growing up.  Gross.  In high school, my mom would take me to get acrylic nails to keep me from biting my nails so my hands would look somewhat decent.  It was difficult to keep up with, and not mention fairly damaging to my real nails.  I eventually grew out of biting my nails, but never kept them painted because a) it was too much work for me, b) they always looked kind of sloppy, and c) the paint never lasted.

I had heard about Shellac 14-day manicures and finally decided to try it out this past fall.  I am now addicted.  I am in the salon every 2-3 weeks getting my nails done because these manicures are A-MAZ-ING.  Things I love about the Shellac manicure, in no particular order:

1. Great colors- my salon has maybe 20-30 different color options.  You can also layer and top the colors with glitters or shimmers, so you can create your own polish or style!

2. Fastest dry time- seriously, the moment my manicurist is done painting my nails, I can reach right into my purse and grab my wallet.  No nicks, smudges, or ruined manicures.  Mommies and every other woman on Earth can appreciate the luxury of not having to sit and not touch anything for 30+ minutes for fear of ruining their manicure.

3. It lasts- I have gone 3 weeks with one of my Shellac manicures before.  It was a fair light grey shade, so the nail growth wasn't as obvious, but they didn't even chip!  Like I said... amazing.

4. They are YOUR nails- No filing your nails down to the base layer and then adding acrylic nonsense to your nails.  No machines or drills are used to prep your nails; just emery boards, nail files, and a buffer.  To remove, you soak off the polish and then buff your nails ( I leave this to my manicurist, though she's told me I can do this at home if I need to).  They aren't weak or ruined if you decide not to do another manicure.

Here is a (not great quality) photo of my most recent manicure (Thursday):

I did a layering option, where we took a darker color and put a layer of chunky glitter polish in between the two coats of the darker color.  The dark color is called "Bella's Vampire", which is a purpley-plum color.  The glitter coat is called "Wateredge", which has chunky large glitter pieces with a ton of teeny-tiny silver glitter.  I think the combination is much more appropriately named as "Bella's Vampire", since Edward glimmers in the sun, like this nail combo does (I'm such a Twilight geek!).

If you haven't had a chance to try a Shellac manicure (some salons also use Gelish, which is the same thing, just different vendor), you really should give it a shot!

*Note: I am not being paid by Shellac, Gelish, or any nail salon or spa for this blog post.*

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in Review- The Quick and Dirty

So one of my New Years Resolutions is going to be better about keeping up with this blog.  Pretty much since August/September, I have been MIA because of, well... life!  Before jumping into 2011 (wait, you mean we're already 10 hours in.... crrrrrud.  I'm already behind.  Story of my life.), let's see what 2010 brought to the Norwoods;

We started the year with me pretty much hating my job.  Ok, maybe not "pretty much"... let's get rid of the qualifier and say yes, I could not stand my job and was ready to leave the world of teaching.  I resolved to make it as best I could through the rest of the school year and find something newASAP.

The rest of the year went something like this...

- Ridiculous amounts of snow in RVA.  Love!
- Ryan coached baseball.... I passed the time with job hunting and shopping. Campbell continued to develop her super-sassy attitude in preparation of her second birthday.
- I turned in my resignation in April! :) Love!
- Campbell turned 2 in May. 
- The end of the school year came in June.  I peaced out as quick as I could!
- We spent time all summer grilling and enjoying our beautiful patio that was installed in September 2009.  Lovely summer days in the backyard (plus mosquitos... blech).
- Campbell and I lived at the pool! 
- We enjoyed a wonderful, but unseasonably cool, week in the Outer Banks in July.  Right before leaving, I had a very promising interview with a local law firm.
- Upon returning from vacation, I received a job offer from said law firm and quickly accepted.
- Begin the whirlwind of the fall... Ryan picked up with baseball season again, and I began to work 50+ hour workweeks at my new job.
- October brought a promotion for me to analyst at the law firm, a wedding of one of my most wonderful college girlfriends, and my 29th birthday (last year in my 20's... ahhhhh!).
- Baseball crept to an end in November... just in time for our 4 year wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving!
- Snow in December.... crazy work weeks for me.... and a white Christmas!  Time with family (my sister flew from California for the holiday!)... utter craziness and driving all over the greater Richmond area.

*Sigh*  It was a good year!  I resolved to be happier in 2010 and it definitely happened.  We've been busy, which is always good.  I forsee good things, and more blogging, in 2011... it's a new decade y'all!