Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Be still my heart.....

As if I'm not already about to die every time I see a preview for "Eclipse".... out comes a little "novella" to provide some extra story details to Eclipse. Release date for the book is June 5th... I think I feel a pre-order coming.


  1. oh, i totally can't wait for this book to come out too :)

  2. Did you read it yet? I pe-ordered it for my nook and it was a quick read (I guess novella gives that away). It was good but just a little side story so I was left wanting so much more. I still recommend it though;)

  3. Debye- I did read it! Love, love LOVED it! I really enjoy hearing the stories from other perspectives. After reading the part of Midnight Sun posted on her website, I now want Edward versions of all four books!