Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adults only - Myrtle 2010

Well, our summer got started with a frenzy! School ended on June 18th, and with that being my very last day at my school and being a teacher, it was a bit hectic... plus, Ryan and I had an adults only vacay scheduled to start the next day, so I had to have everything done so I could leave and never look back!

Our adults only vacay was for four days in Myrtle Beach, SC, with three other couples. We went with our best friend couple, Brandon and PJ; one other couple was more of an aquaintance, and the last couple were new to us! By the end of the trip, we were all getting on like we'd known each other for years! It was seriously a blast....

We left super early on Saturday morning so that we could avoid traffic (since our trip inadvertently coincided with High School Beach Week.... joy of joys!).... we arrived in Myrtle around noon, but since check in wasn't till 4, we decided to hit up an ABC store and beach it for a few hours! After we were able to check in, we decided to all shower and get ready for a night out at Broadway at the Beach, the big tourist spot in Myrtle. We had a great time, but apparently our age was showing since we were all pooped out by 11 pm and headed home.

Outfit for night 1:

PJ and I at Fat Tuesday

Ryan and I at Broadway at the Beach (before we all decided we were too old to be out that so late)

The next day, we spent a lot of time down on the beach, and then decided to gorge ourselves at Captain George's seafood buffet.  I'm not much of a seafood buffet girl, but I do love food, so I found more than enough stuff to eat and enjoy!  We walked around Broadway for a little while after dinner to walk off the enormous amount of food we ate, but again decided we were way too old to be out so late... so we came home and played cards and Taboo for a few hours!

Outfit for night 2: Jersey Halter dress from H&M (Summer 2010)

For our third and final night, we decided that we were going to put our big kid pants on and party hard at Broadway!  There is a dueling piano bar called Crocodile Rock, and we were all super amped to go and enjoy the music and drinks!  We reserved a table right up front, and the piano players did not disappoint!  We had a great time and the musicians gave us hell the entire night.....

Outfit for night 3:
Top: Watercolor shell from JCrew
Jeans: Gap Bootcut Jeans (in long)
Shoes: Cynthia Vincent for Target

Unfortunately, my camera stopped working in the middle of the third night out, so I didn't get anymore pictures :(  But we had a total blast, and the fourth day in Myrtle was a recovery day for everyone.  We beached it for a while, and then Ryan, Brandon, PJ and I all packed up to head home. 

I loved every second of being on an adults only vacation.... of course, I missed Campbell, but Ryan and I needed some time away to be with friends and have fun!  We are so lucky that Ryan's mom was able to keep Campbell for us while we were gone, so that made it that much easier for us to be gone for a few days!

So, that was the start of summer vacation for us!  Since being back from Myrtle, I've spent the days at home with Campbell, going to the gym and playing at the pool.  And job searching....  I do have an interview next week, though, so fingers crossed something comes my way! :)

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  1. We are planning on going to Myrtle Beach for a while at the end of June. Thanks for your recommendations. It looks like you had a great time!