Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kicked to the curb...

Oh dear trendy boyfriend jeans... how I wanted to love you and incorporate you in my wardrobe.... but sadly, No.  It was not meant to be.

Perhaps if I looked like this in them:

as opposed to looking like I was DROWNING in them, it would have worked.  I tried Ann Taylor Loft's Lean boyfriend version in an 8, and they were faaaar too big.  So I downsized to a 6, and they were practically painted on!  Ugh!  So much for trying to be trendy... I guess I'll stick with my tried and true bootcut and flare leg jeans, despite Cosmo stating in their January 2010 issue that bootcut jeans are totally out this year!  Whatev.... should I go around looking ridiculous just to be part of a trend?  I think not.  This has been a lesson in sticking with what works for you and your body, instead of the trends!

I am, however, lusting after these shoes at the present moment by Sofft....

Gorgeous, right?  I just wish my local Macy's had them.... OR if Macy's shipping wasn't a cool $15 bucks, so I could use their $25 off $100 promo going on right now.  I have some gift cards that I could make good use out of to make this purchase a little more friendly on my wallet. I have such a hard time justifying shipping costs.  Plus, I have never owned or tried on Sofft before.  Anyone?  I've seen great reviews, but I don't know.... at $15 to ship, it's risky.

PS- sorry to those readers not interested in my fashion ramblings ;-)  I promise to post some pics of a new project we tackled in the kitchen this weekend.  Nothing too ground breaking, but I'm excited about it... and it's got my mind running a million miles a minute about the possibilities!


  1. I have the boyfriend jeans from ATL and they are HUGEEE!!!! I'm totally going to get rid of them because of that very fact :( Oh well. Bootcut are STILL IN! Who cares what Cosmo says - I'm rocking a pair of bootcut cords as I type this :) Why can't you live near me?! We'd be dangerous together at the mall! :)

  2. PS - I love those shoes, too! They would look super presh with a pair of tights :) :) Did you go to ATL's After-Christmas sale?! They had some AWESOME stuff for great prices!

  3. I must say that I'm also loving the boyfriend jean trend, but haven't been out shopping yet. How can bootcut go out of style? Whatever. People in LA are still wearing them... I'm on the leggings train right now though.

    I have a pair of shoes VERY similar to that. I got them at a Nine West outlet... good luck! ;)

    And I like the fashion ramblings!

  4. Shirley, this will sound HORRIBLE (and I'm probably going to fashion hell for doing this), but I was fairly unsure of my purchase on the boyfriend jeans.... so I kept the tag on and wore them (gently) for a few hours. HATED them, and promptly returned them. I know it's horrible to do, but with trendy stuff, there should be at least a 24 hour test drive or something! I will swear though that the jeans were in PERFECT condition when I returned them.... :) And yes, hit up the after Christmas sale.... got a few goodies!

  5. The best "boyfriend" jeans I have found are the Old Navy Weekend jeans. I practically live in mine. They are not too relaxed and they cuff really well!

    I have the same problem with a lot of the Loft pants...the 6's are too tight and the 8's are too big.