Tuesday, January 12, 2010

UL blog up and running!

Campbell is sick with a nasty stomach bug, which means I'm home today.  There can be nothing worse than a toddler with a stomach bug, who is also running a fever and refuses to take meds ( sidebar: should I even try to give Motrin on an empty tummy?).  Lucky for me, we have about 20 Max and Ruby episodes DVR'd, so she is happy.... and I can work on some Uppercase Living stuff!

I set up my UL blog, so please head over there.... I don't have too much on there yet, but as the days go by and I get my hands on more supplies, I will!  You might also want to follow me... I'll be doing giveaways and contests in the coming months!  So clicky-click here !

I also decided to add the online shopping feature to my UL website !  Happy shopping! :)

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