Sunday, January 10, 2010

Opportunity knocked... and I answered

As of today, I am officially an Uppercase Living Independent Demonstrator!  I am SO excited about this really great opportunity and think that wonderful things will come from this decision. 

So you might have a TON of questions... let's see if I can answer a few....

1) WHAT is Uppercase Living?
  • Uppercase Living is a direct sales company that provides vinyl lettering and embellishments for your home, office, school, car... and just about anywhere else you want! 
2) How did you find out about Uppercase Living?
  • Honestly, I stumbled across UL by doing a Google search a few months back for home decor.  I was tired of all the same ol' stuff in all the big-box retailers.  I couldn't commit to a random painting or piece of art that really had no bearing on my personal style... and at price tags of $50 and up, I just had a really hard time finding anything I liked.  Well, if you see the post below, I came into contact with vinyl wall lettering through a purchase at Target.  I liked it enough, but I could tell that the quality wasn't really what I wanted... and I wanted more selection than just the 3 or 4 phrases available at Target.  I found an item I liked through UL, ordered it, and was then invited to a catalog launch party for the new spring/summer catalog.  I fell in love with the items, and as I kept looking through the catalog, all I could think was of all the people in my lives who were looking for the SAME things.  Of course, I could just host parties every once in a while... but becoming a demonstrator would allow me to be in people's homes and help them realize their decor dreams.... so I made the decision to become an independent demonstrator!
3) Awesome- where can I see the products/learn more?
  • So glad you asked! ;-)  I do have a website through the company, and you can view products on the website.  I will say, however, that the physical catalog is so much more expansive than the online catalog.  There were designs and ideas that I hadn't even thought of!  But the website gives you enough to wet your whistle until you want to host a party (which provides lots of great rewards and freebies!).  Check out my website here .  (I am considering upping the ante on my website and putting in an online shopping cart... it isn't there yet, but if you find that you see something you are absolutely dying to have, let me know and I will make your order happen!)

So that's that!  I will be starting another blog for just Uppercase Living stuff.  It will highlight new design ideas, promotions, hostess/party rewards, and just all things Uppercase! I'll keep this blog going, too, but just need a place to keep the Uppercase Living stuff separate.  Once that blog is up and running, I'll let everyone know through here so you can follow me there too!

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