Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You're so vain....

So I had a nice 4 hour spa day yesterday and I am feeling wonderful daaaaaahling! The reason why I was so lucky to enjoy a 4 hour spa day is a long story -- basically, I was gifted one at Mother's Day by the hubbs, and the spa felt that I needed another one due to some things that happened while I was there. I didn't feel that a re-do was necessary, but who am I to turn down a spa day?

At any rate, I had an AMAZING facial yesterday. I have never had dermaplaning done (not sure if I spelled that right....), and I think I'm officially addicted. Up until this morning, I had been contemplating Botox, Restalyne or something to help with what I can only describe as Father Time taking over my face. Perhaps it is motherhood, or maybe my uber-stressful job, but I am noticing fine lines like never before. I know it is inevitable, but I am 28 for crying out loud!

I hadn't planned on having dermaplaning done yesterday, but the girl who did my facial said she does it to almost all of her clients, and honestly I didn't know she had done it until it was already done. To those of you who don't know what it is, basically, they take a surgical blade and exfoliate your entire face with it. Since it is a blade, it removes all the baby fine hair that covers your face along with all the nasty, dead skin that is sitting there on your face too. Because it is a fairly intense form of exfoliation, I understand that you shouldn't do it more than 1x every 4 or so weeks.

At any rate, I was washing my face and noticed that all of those fine lines that seemed so prominent just yesterday morning were.... gone! Not like disappeared, but I seriously did not notice them until I was nose-pressed-against-the-mirror examining my skin. I put on my foundation (love love love Korres' lightweight foundation) and I think I finally have that airbrushed look that I have longed for when looking at all those gorge models in the magazines..... *sigh* love it!

Has anyone else had dermaplaning done? Am I just a bit kooky for liking it so much? Honestly, I am not one to get facials that often, but it is one of my new year's resolutions to get them more often (along with some others that I'm working on.... look for that post by this weekend), and I'm definitely feeling like more dermaplaning is in my future.....


  1. I don't think you are vain, at all. Here's why, taking the time to take care of yourself makes you feel better, and in turn, makes it easier for you to take care of others (your main job, like me)! So indulge, indulge, indulge. I take a really hot bath with bubbles and a sound machine (the type sold by Brookstone) every day and it recalibrates me. Then, once every two months or so, I get a massage or facial or whatever.

    I have not done dermaplaning, but now I want to. Thanks for the info!!!

    :) Have a great day, you deserve it!!!

  2. Thanks for the info. on the jeans! I had heard of dry cleaning them but never tried - now I will! I've had ALL kinds of jeans, from Sevens, to JBrand, to Citizens, to Joe's but for some reason, the JCrew ones fit me best. Darn them! After I attempt to "dye them back", I'm going to go shopping to find a new pair :) Great excuse to spend money! ha ha ha ha

    As for the facial, I'm SO there with you! I spend MORE MONEY on face care than should be allowed! Next up: your dermaplaning suggestion! Why, oh why, do we do the things we do?!!!!!! ha ha