Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Centerpiece....

Oh you know, just a little bit late. I'm hoping to catch up on blog posts today, and as long as Campbell is watching Blues Clues, I might just get it done! :)

I've been wanting to post this for a couple of weeks. I put together this centerpiece for our dining room when I was in the throws of decorating. It cost me a whopping $12 to put together... seriously! I love it though, and love the way it puts a little glow on the table ( the picture doesn't it do it much justice, however).

Here's the breakdown on supplies:
- Large jar = $5 at Walmart (can you believe that? Might have been a mis-price!)
- Strand of battery operated lights= $7
- A bunch of un-used ornaments= Free (but I think they were like $1 a few years ago at Ikea)
- Extra garland unused from a few years ago= Free
I pretty much just willy-nilly tossed the stuff in the jar, turned on the lights and viola! Christmas joy! I'm loving the the battery operated lights so much that I'm thinking of incorporating them in all of my centerpieces... at least for a little while! :)

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