Sunday, July 5, 2009

Let me tell you 'bout our best friends....

As I've gotten older, I've come to realize that quality over quantity is important in life. This rings even more true in regards to friends. I consider myself (and Ryan) to be very outgoing, easy to get along with people. Unfortunately, not everyone is in our boat, and over the past 2 years, I've come to see a large amount of friends disappear due to our personal life changes. However, one specific person has been there as a constant reminder of true friendship to us.... so let me introduce you to our wonderful friend, Brandon!

Now, every time I introduce people to Brandon, I get a look like, "Your husband is ok with you being best friends with a GUY?!" Oh, heaven forbid, right? Well, here's the story on Brandon. We met because we had a mutual love for awesome dance moves and booze. Yep- we met at a not-to-be-mentioned-because-it-will-date-my-age club in the city during my time of hanging out with aforementioned friends that are now no longer friends. Ryan was playing baseball and was gone for the entire summer, so I had nothing else to do but dance and drink the night away. So, one night, up comes this gentleman who demands that I shake my groove thing with him. I flash the bling and kindly tell him I'm off the market. He laughs, and tells me that he isn't interested anyways, but that I can dance and he wants to dance. He is a great dancer and quite funny. Night ends, we part ways. Throughout the summer, it turns out that we both enjoy the same hangouts so we dance and have fun, but never hang outside the confines of the bar. Fast forward a few months to me regaining some brain cells and realizing that I need a new place to hang out. Wouldn't you know- Brandon frequents this new bar. Now, I know what you're thinking- STALKER!- but no, this bar is actually close to his apartment. We decide that fate is telling us that we must be friends, and we become Sunday brunch buddies.

At this point, yes, Ryan is becoming a bit uneasy. Who is this guy that hangs out with my fiance (and now at this point, wife)? Luckily, Ryan and Brandon hit it off. Long story short (wait, was this short?), we've been connnected at the hip ever since. And thank God Brandon has good taste in women, because his girlfriend is AMAZING! I love her and highly approve. Campbell loves them, too, which I think speaks volumes since they are unmarried and without kids. Could our lives be anymore different? You wouldn't know it if you saw us together.

Brandon and PJ

We dominate a good amount of Brandon and PJ's time. From cookouts to nights out, we're together a lot, but even if we go weeks without getting to see each other, no time has passed when we get together.

I guess the moral of the story is this.... all those cliche things you've heard about people coming and going, true friends, blah blah blah- it's true. I didn't think that at first, and was really heartbroken to see my large friend group dwindle down to about 2 (this is not counting my best girlfriends in the world, who do not live close by :( sad.). But last night, as fate would have it, who happens to show up at the bar we were at but one of those long-lost friends. In seeing her, I immediately knew that the universe works the way that it is supposed to, and that she (along with the others) were never true friends anyways.

And knowing that makes me beyond happy.


  1. I completely agree with its important on the quality of your friendships not quanity. I've realized that as I have gotten older too!
    Great Post.


  2. Great post. I noticed that after I got married and had a baby, a lot of my friends started to come by less frequently. I never really blamed them, because we were at two completely different stages of our lives. But I have also noticed that some of my bestest friends, regardless of how different our lives have turned out, are still very close to me. And like my husband has always told me, the only ones who show up for the party, are the only ones who matter. I guess it's just the ones that really stick around, are the ones that you know you can count on. Quality over quantity any day!