Friday, July 17, 2009

Design inspiration please!

Ok fellow bloggers and lurkers... please turn your creativity in this direction! We need some ideas in decorating our kitchen! Our kitchen is painted green (yes green)... Behr's "Asparagus" to be exact. A great little aloe plant given to us by Brandon and PJ is our design inspiration...

The walls are actually very close to the green in the aloe plant (despite the way the walls photograph), and we loved the contrast of the green with the black and the white in the pot, so we would like to incorporate black and white in the decorative elements.

Issue #1:: The big wall at the back of the kitchen.

Please ignore the light fixture... that will be switched out soon. But the wall... what do we do with it? I have no idea! I'm not really into shelving... the thought of shelves in the kitchen kind of bugs me because of all the dusting that would inevitably need to be done. I'm not sure if we should go in the route of traditional kitchen-y artwork... and if so, what would be best? Any ideas?

Issue #2:: The large (beautiful) windows....

These are adjacent to the wall that needs decorative elements. I'm not sure what kind of window coverings to go with. Cafe style curtains that cover the bottom half of the window? Full length curtains? And then, what color? Ryan is quite partial to the damask pattern on the flower pot, and the only other pattern that I'm a bit open to to coordinate with the damask is stripes (which continues into our living room, which is connected to the kitchen). So, solid or patterned curtains? No curtains at all, and blinds instead? I'd prefer not to completely cover the windows with something that blocks out the light because I do love the natural light that comes through said windows, plus it is going to eventually have an even better view once the patio is put in. Ugh.... I'm going bonkers with this.



  1. I wouldn't do curtains. I would do southern style plantation shutters in white. :) Also, I think you should hang a picture - perhaps of your family - in the dining room. Either way, I'm sure you are going to make it adorable :)

  2. I think perhaps some black and white photos on the green wall. Maybe scatter them a bit and do a cluster of white frames...or maybe a mixture of black, white and silver frames. And for the window, in my dining area I wanted to keep in a lot of light, but still have a window treatment. So I went with a bamboo roman shade (pics are on my blog.) I really love them. You can either do one long one across the top outside of the window casing, or you can do 3 small individual ones within each window casing. And if you are still itching for drapes, you can still hang them outside the roman shade for some extra eye candy. I did that in my living room because I thought that just the bamboo shade would be too casual. After adding some white sleek drapes outside the roman shade, it really dressed it up. Good luck!!!! I want to see pics of whatever you decide to do!