Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is this our garage?

Let me remind you of the state of our garage before the clean-up...

Holy disaster area, Batman! We had stuff, literally, strewn everywhere. We didn't even walk through there, because... well, we couldn't!

After 2 truck loads of furniture, decorative items that had no place in our new home, and other random items we had no use for sent to Goodwill, and 1 truckload of stuff that was determined to live at the dump, we now have a much more organized and clean space to call our garage!

Ignore the saw set up in the middle of the garage, as well as the PVC pipes in the floor. Ryan is working on assembling an ECU themed ladder golf game. We would have liked to do shelving in the garage, but all we could manage in about the 5 hours we spent in there was to clean and discard. Shelving is on the project list...

Speaking of projects- in going through the garage, we found a bounty of projects to tackle! There were a couple of "too good to part with" items in the garage that didn't quite fit with the decor in our home now. Well, stay tuned.... we are going to transform a couple of things to put in the house!

I'm pretty excited.... however, when I'll get to them is another issue entirely. We leave for the beach this Saturday, so hopefully I can utilize some nap times this week to get a start on my projects. If not, I have time when we get back!

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