Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beach Bound!

We are beach bound this weekend and I CANNOT WAIT! Yes, I know, I've been on "vacation" all summer... but there is just something totally different about GOING on vacation. And we are going to one of my favorite vacation spots in the Outer Banks.

I probably need to throw out this disclaimer.... I'm not a huge fan of the entire Outer Banks. I'm not big on the whole "touristy" area with the five million seafood buffett restaurants and beach shops on every corner. If this is the only way you've vacationed in the Outer Banks, I'm sorry... but you need to try the 4 wheel drive beaches. I was like you.... traditional OBX vacationer.... until I went on vacation with the Rudacille clan (Ryan's maternal side of the family).

The 4 wheel drive beaches begin where the road in Corolla ends. Literally. It's nuts... you are driving on regular road with double yellow lines, and then all the sudden.... there's the ocean and no more road! And this is where the most beautiful beaches and HOMES (yes, homes!) are located. Turn on the 4wd and be ready for a turbulent drive down the beach!

We stay about 7 miles down, which is a pretty hefty drive... which means that once you get to the house, barring any emergencies, you are probably going to be staying down by the house for the extent of the vacation, which I love! I love not feeling like I need to visit the shops at the beach, or going out for a night at a restaurant. I don't feel rushed to end my day at the beach so I can go to that "new spot" or that "highly recommended spot" down the highway. When I tell people about where we stay, I always say, "When we get to the house, I take off my shoes, and I don't wear shoes again until we leave!". I think perhaps Kenny Chesney was singing about "our spot" when he said "No shirt, no shoes, no problems...."

One of my most favorite things about where we stay is that we are right in the middle of where the wild horses live. Yes... wild horses! There is honestly nothing more magical than waking up early and seeing a herd of horses eating seagrass right outside of your house. They come out when you aren't expecting to see them, like right after an evening storm.... we saw them racing each other along the shore. Last year, we saw the horses every single day.... I hope we are lucky enough to see them at least once this year!

Here are a few pictures of the horses from last year.... I hope I have the opportunity to add to my collection of photographs this year! We'll be back sometime on August 1st! Have a great weekend and week everyone!

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  1. You have been beach bound for wayyyy too long...please come back, you are missed.