Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review of the belted bow bikini

It is that time... dreaded bathing suit season. Well, actually I don't dread the season, just the whole "trying to look good in a bathing suit, but I still have about 5-10 pounds to lose" part of the season. At any rate, we all know it's coming.... days spent soaking up the sun at the pool, vacations at the beach..... so bathing suit time it is.
I decided to give a quick review of the JCrew swimsuit I just purchased (thank you JCrew for the fabulous 20% off AND free shipping last weekend!). I was fairly terrified since I look nothing like the models on the website/in the catalog.... but a discount and free shipping sweetened the deal since I could return it if I didn't like it. I chose the Solid Belted Bow Bikini bottoms in dark charcoal, and the Solid Wide Band halter top to match. I particularly liked the look of these, as they have a little something going on at the top, which I felt would help to minimize any lingering hip fat that I am still rocking.

And what would a review be without some IRL pictures? Hold on to your hats... it's Tiffany in a bathing suit....

Phew... that wasn't TOO terrible, was it? Thank goodness my airbrush tan is still looking nice and golden-- doesn't a tan make trying on a swimsuit that much better?

I am actually very pleasantly surprised at how happy I am with this swimsuit. I feel like it does make my hips look a little more slim, and it doesn't emphasize the tummy that is still present (though it is slowly making an exit). Additionally, the full coverage in the rear (which isn't full coverage on my wider-than-average bottom) is flattering but not too revealing. The top is nice, but I'm wondering if I would have a little more lift with the underwire halter top? I like that it is nice and secure, though, which is key when lifting a toddler around.

My only concern is pickage. I have the twist front bikini from last season, and from sitting on the side of the pool with Campbell, it did snag a teensy bit. Best way to avoid that would be to sit on a towel, I suppose.

I do wish that this swimsuit came in some prints or floral patterns. The brighter colors, like the neon rose or neon purple, might be a good substitute.

I like it so much, that I'm planning on purchasing the same bottoms and a slightly different top! What colors do you think would be best? I'm leaning towards something bright since I have the dark charcoal (like the neon purple), but should I go with something darker like the brown or navy?

This of course means that I need to return the swimsuit I purchased from Lands End (that I was never entirely happy about anyways).... and wouldn't you know that I tossed the packing slip from the purchase this past weekend. I'm such a dummy. Hopefully I can get my $$ back though, so I can make a purchase with JCrew (and maybe there will be a coupon code or at least some free shipping in the meantime????).


  1. WHOA HOT MAMA!!! i love it and you look great!!! i want a few new swimsuits... I'll have to check it out!

  2. damn. who had a baby?! you look awesome.