Friday, April 23, 2010

Shoe love

Look what I got my hands on....

Oh yes.... Cynthia Vincent for Target's highly sought after wedges! :) I actually wasn't even looking for them. I noticed them on the website a few days ago, and during a trip to Target to buy diapers, I happened upon the shoe department. What before my wondering eyes should appear? The only pair of Cynthia Vincent wedges in the entire store in a size 9 (my size!). They looked so teeny that I didn't even think they were sized correctly, but *happy sigh* such is the wonderfulness of a super high wedge-- big feet look little!
At $29.99, these are beyond a steal. They are GORGE in person, and super comfy to boot. I haven't had a moment to style these (as wearing them to Romp N Roll this morning seemed out of the question), but I'm so excited. I can see these putting a little edge when paired with a sweet ruffled summer dress, with shorts to lengthen your legs, and with cropped pants and a tunic style top (going to try this look on Sunday). I also loved them with my jeans when I tried them on.... they gave just a hint of hippy chic!
Note: these are NOT available online. I don't know if there is even any intention of them being sold on Target's website since these designer lines don't tend to stay for long. I also saw online that there is supposed to be a woven looking wedge in stores right now, as well, but didn't see a glimmer of them in stores.
Anyone else score these lovelies?


  1. Hey just an FYI: That on Monday night at like 4am all of the cynthia vincent and ms. trish of capri shoes were available online. I was up super early for work and happened to find them. I was able to order several pairs in my size. Keep checking back.

  2. i looked at my target but there were none in sight. sad face. i called a few others in the area but they're gone. BUT they are being sold on craigslist/ebay for DOUBLE the price. that's a bit ridiculous. but i did order a few of the cynthia vincent flats online. congrats on such a great score!

  3. i LIE!! My mom found them today at a Target in Mechanicsville (I think!) SOOOO STOKED!

  4. Amber- I hope your mom did find them! I think there is a better chance out here in good ol' VA! I think it is ridiculous for people to take advantage on ebay/craigslist on this kind of stuff.... for shame!

  5. They went on sale online Sunday, 4/18. I think they sold out very quickly. It seems the stores got very small shipments. Only enough for an end cap. Luckily I ordered online. Loveth!