Monday, August 24, 2009

What a difference a sink makes!

When we purchased our 4 year old home in February, we quickly learned that "builder grade" really means "boring and cheap". We've done a few upgrades around the house to make it less cookie cutter and a little more "us". For example, Ryan and his dad hung crown moulding all throughout the living room and dining room downstairs. We also installed a natural stone tile backsplash in the kitchen.

Saturday night, our kitchen went from this:


Isn't she purrrrty?!?! The new sink and faucet totally upgrades the overall look of the kitchen and just makes things look NICE. My awesome dad works for a company that sells these materials (sinks, faucets, tubs, toilets, etc), and got us an AMAZING deal on the sink and faucet... basically, we paid $80 for $800 worth of sink and faucet! How about that for an inexpensive upgrade?? And Ryan's awesome dad worked his tail off to help install the sink and faucet.... we are certainly lucky to have family who have great hook ups and are incredibly skilled!

Ok, one more gratuious shot of the new sink in our kitchen....

We have a couple other upgrades we're planning on for the house.... I can't wait to bring this house out of boring, cookie cutter builder grade to a fantastic and stylish home!


  1. LOVE THE NEW SINK! I really wanted a white one for my kitchen as well, but Jack and I couldn't handle another week without a sink while they special ordered it. Instead we bought a regular silver one. I still have pangs about not getting the white one though. We may have to look back into ordering one, because I just loves yours. It brings a whole new look to the space.