Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Shirley tagged me in her blog, and I figure that I need a little brain break right now (yes, right in the middle of the day.... :) ), so....

1. Current obsession: home improvements.... i'm obsessed with anything we can do to make the house more "OURS". i'm also obsessed with the end of the school year ;-)

2.Namesake: a character on General Hospital named "Tiffany" (back in '81). My mom had apparently never heard the name before?? There are a lot of Tiffany's now, but it's alright!

3. Favorite Dinner: my favorite homemade dinner is salmon off OUR grill-- Ryan is becoming quite the grill master!

4. Favorite brand of jeans: Paige Premium Denim. I'm still working on getting back into my pre-Campbell favorites :(

5.Favorite tea flavor: homemade sweet tea. Or the orange blossom tea at Can Can in Carytown.

6. Favorite owned jewelry: Engagement ring/wedding band. Any of my Slane&Slane, and of course my Miki pearls!

7.Favorite TV show: grey's anatomy.... and friday night lights (if you haven't seen an epidsode, you MUST watch it!).... and how i met your mother.

8. Listening to: the sweet silence that is my classroom during my planning period!

9. Bathroom cabinet holds: we actually don't have a "cabinet", unless you're talking about under the sink... and in that case, it holds just about everything that is needed in the bathroom!

10. Childhood dream: to be an actress.. haha! or a psychologist... apparently now as a teacher, i'm both!

11.If I could go anywhere in the next hour, I would : go shopping all by myself! :)

12.Person I want to meet: me as a grandmother... i imagine i'll be a pretty cool grandma! haha!

13.Five-Year-Plan: have ONE more child.... retire from teaching and either be a stay at home mom, or do something else... i imagine i'll need a break from teaching if i make it another 5 years!

14. Today is special because: i'm in a great mood, despite the ENORMOUS amount of stress i'm under to get the rest of the math 6 SOLs taught so i can finish the VGLA binders before may 7th (eek!)

15. Where I blog: usually at home, but today, here in my classroom!

16. My perfect day: sleeping in till 7 (it's a luxury i haven't had in a very long time), having coffee while looking out on the ocean, spending the day on the beach with a beer/margarita in hand, eating a delish dinner with family and friends, and talking with friends and family till i almost fall asleep! ..... OR a day spent shopping and gabbing with friends! :)


  1. Thanks for playing along :)

  2. Hi there! I tagged you for a blog award :) Have a great weekend!
    - Shirley