Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heat Wave

Ahhh... the hot weather has us (ok, fine- me and Campbell) SO ready for summer time! Ryan did some awesome landscaping this weekend, though he has now sworn it off and refuses to landscape ever again! Campbell tried out her swimming pool and is now a bonafide water baby!

We had a delish dinner with Brandon and PJ on Sunday at Kona Grill. Kona was a big fave of ours when Ryan was in Phoenix AZ for a summer for his baseball injury. They have some really great sushi... I loved the Sunshine Roll. It's basically a spicy tuna roll (or yellowtail, can't remember which) with a slice of lemon on top. The lemon makes the roll-- it's so crisp and light tasting! I highly recommend Kona if you haven't had it yet. Plus, they had high chairs, so Miss Campbell was able to enjoy dinner with us too (sans sushi... though they did give us mashed potatoes for her, which were to DIE for!).
Hope you all are enjoying the heat wave.... we're in for rain starting tomorrow... typical Richmond!

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  1. I just tagged ya for a survey - check out my blog and copy and paste it, then tag a two or three others :) Have a great day!