Sunday, November 22, 2009

Right on Target

I'm a huge huge HUGE fan of Target. Not so many people are (for example, Ryan's Nana... who swears she never finds ANYTHING at Target.... impossible, I say!), but I'm an even bigger fan when Target gives me fashion and a great price at the same time.

I purchased this Merona Shawl Collar sweatshirt last week in black. I personally liked how fashionable it was, while still making me comfy... which is always incredibly important at my increasingly stressful job.

Imagine my excitement when one of my co-workers pointed out that it looks just like this beauty from JCrew.

Here are the similarities and differences:
  • shawl collar
  • fleecey cotton material
  • incredibly chic enough to wear with heels and khakis, or casual enough to wear with flats and jeans (or my new fave cords from Ann Taylor Loft)


  • pocket style... Jcrew has the kangaroo pocket, while the Target brand has small side pockets (I prefer the side pockets, as kangaroo pockets tend to emphasize a belly)
  • toggle button... Jcrew has non, while the Target brand does.
  • variety of color... Jcrew's offering is in muted tones (black, light grey, etc).... Target has just about all the colors of the rainbow!
  • price.... You can buy the Jcrew version for a mere $59.99.... or head to your local Target and pick up the Merona version for $19.99!

The verdict.... I say go with the Target brand, and get a couple in your fave colors without breaking the bank! I'm headed back for at least 2 more..... I just have to decide on the colors!

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