Sunday, November 1, 2009

Preliminary Patio Post

Try saying that 3 times fast!

Well, the patio has been in for about 2 weeks now and I just haven't had a moment to post pictures or anything. While the pictures aren't the most BEAUTIFUL things ever due to the backyard still being in recovery mode (the lush backyard was definitely torn up in the process), we are super excited to finally have our patio!

Ryan and his dad are working on putting in new steps on the deck this coming weekend, and hopefully we should start the furniture hunt soon. I can't wait to have the patio all decorated and set up with furniture.... soon, very soon!

So here are the pics... before and after!

Our backyard and deck before the patio was put in (we DID have steps on the deck, but they were torn out for the patio install...)

Another shot of the backyard before the patio...

Detail of the patio design... we went with stamped concrete over paver stones.

The completed patio!

Another shot of the patio... as you can see, the yard is totally torn up! The section that comes up to the side of the deck is going to be Ryan's grilling station!

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