Wednesday, February 4, 2009

True confessions of an addict...

I'm here to confess that I am an addict... I'm seriously addicted to HGTV. Yes, you read that right.... Home and Gardens TV. I can't help myself... as soon as I get home, I hop on the remote and immediately start watching whatever is on the channel. Divine Design (eh, the host kind of drives me bonkers)... Spice Up My Kitchen (very cool ideas...).... Property Virgins (because, well, we are!).... My First Home (love it, but it drives me nuts that they get a free gift)... *sigh* I could go on for hours.

Now, I never ever watched this channel before we got into the home buying process. Now I can't steer myself away. I am so wanting to DIY all over the place.... everything I look at, I think "Heck- I could MAKE that!" Whether this is actually true or not is another story. I'm also kicking myself for not paying more attention in my teen living classes in middle school. I am in need of some serious sewing skills to actually put some of those DIY projects into action!

If only they had a show with Elmo in it... then Miss Campbell might sit still for a bit and we could watch it together!

We're in the waiting game right now on the home front. Just counting down the days until we move (15 days!). Our apartment is feeling smaller and more annoying by the second though, which is making the days draaaaaaag by. We'll start packing this weekend (no, we haven't started packing yet....), so maybe that will make things feel like it's picking back up!

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