Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in Review- The Quick and Dirty

So one of my New Years Resolutions is going to be better about keeping up with this blog.  Pretty much since August/September, I have been MIA because of, well... life!  Before jumping into 2011 (wait, you mean we're already 10 hours in.... crrrrrud.  I'm already behind.  Story of my life.), let's see what 2010 brought to the Norwoods;

We started the year with me pretty much hating my job.  Ok, maybe not "pretty much"... let's get rid of the qualifier and say yes, I could not stand my job and was ready to leave the world of teaching.  I resolved to make it as best I could through the rest of the school year and find something newASAP.

The rest of the year went something like this...

- Ridiculous amounts of snow in RVA.  Love!
- Ryan coached baseball.... I passed the time with job hunting and shopping. Campbell continued to develop her super-sassy attitude in preparation of her second birthday.
- I turned in my resignation in April! :) Love!
- Campbell turned 2 in May. 
- The end of the school year came in June.  I peaced out as quick as I could!
- We spent time all summer grilling and enjoying our beautiful patio that was installed in September 2009.  Lovely summer days in the backyard (plus mosquitos... blech).
- Campbell and I lived at the pool! 
- We enjoyed a wonderful, but unseasonably cool, week in the Outer Banks in July.  Right before leaving, I had a very promising interview with a local law firm.
- Upon returning from vacation, I received a job offer from said law firm and quickly accepted.
- Begin the whirlwind of the fall... Ryan picked up with baseball season again, and I began to work 50+ hour workweeks at my new job.
- October brought a promotion for me to analyst at the law firm, a wedding of one of my most wonderful college girlfriends, and my 29th birthday (last year in my 20's... ahhhhh!).
- Baseball crept to an end in November... just in time for our 4 year wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving!
- Snow in December.... crazy work weeks for me.... and a white Christmas!  Time with family (my sister flew from California for the holiday!)... utter craziness and driving all over the greater Richmond area.

*Sigh*  It was a good year!  I resolved to be happier in 2010 and it definitely happened.  We've been busy, which is always good.  I forsee good things, and more blogging, in 2011... it's a new decade y'all! 

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