Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long time, no blog.... blessing or not?

Sorry folks.... it's been a while. Life has been crazy, but when is it not? We've been busy with work, weekends all over Richmond, and baseball has started up for Ryan (he's coaching). I've also been having great success with Uppercase Living and have been having quite a few parties. I'm really proud of the dedication I have put into building my company.... I know I can do more, but right now with working full time, I'm doing the best I can :) We've also been staying really focused on working out and *trying* to be healthy. I'm really excited to say that I've lost 9 pounds since making my resolutions to work out at the beginning of the year.... hopefully I can stay on course with that as we head into shorts-and-bathing suit-season. Ryan is sticking to working out as well, and is looking mighty fine. ;-)

In addition to the five million and one things going on, I've been observing and thinking. For Lent, I really tried hard to give up judging others or forming opinions of others based upon their outward behaviors. Sadly, I haven't been very successful. I think it might just be my personality... and sure, it warrants change, but at the same time in fighting my observant nature, I've come to see that some of the things I observe are just plain ridiculous.

For example.... everyone and their mother uses the phrase "I'm/We're so blessed to be (insert mundane situation here)". Sure, it is wonderful that people can identify even the smallest blessings in their lives, but tell me this..... what is so "blessed" about a child's poopy diaper? Or what is so "blessed" about a child who doesn't sleep at night? Perhaps people can see the blessing behind what I might find to be less than a blessing.

I also have noticed that the same people are constantly claiming their blessedness over the same things.... such as their husband, their child, their job, etc. To me, say it once to the world, and then privately acknowledge your blessing. Don't blather on to me (or Facebook, or your blog, or where ever else) about how blessed you are because your husband put the toilet seat down.

No, I'm not bitter. And no, I don't feel as if I'm less blessed than anyone else. I have a lot of wonderful in my life, and for those things I'm thankful. And in noticing others broadcasting their blesssings, I came to this question.... Are those individuals who feel so obliged to go on and on about their blessings really feeling blessed? Or are they trying to convince themselves that they ARE blessed by finding the slightest of a silver lining and then broadcasting it to everyone else 24 hours a day? To me, I think that if you are blessed, you don't have to yell it from the roof tops. Anyone who is around you would notice how blessed you are because you are happy, living your life to the fullest, and loving those around you.

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  1. Amen? This drives me nuts as well, but I'm a bit of a skeptic anyway. I loathe reading about "blessings" or politics or religion in any way on Facebook.

    And yes, let's see your outfits, you preppy little wasp!

    Also, there is an amazing group on Flickr if you're on that site that has outfits of the day.