Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best invention for mommies!

I am in LOVE with the Dwink box!

Campbell has started her love of juice boxes, but I'm totally over the phrase, "Don't squeeze it!" since I've said it about half a million times in the past week. Dwink boxes are hard, plastic holders for all sizes of drink boxes, soy milk boxes, and even those soft Capri Sun type juice packages. My life is instantly improved by at least 70% by the sheer fact that I am no longer saying "Don't squeeze it!" every time Campbell drinks out a juice box. And for a mere $4.99! Needless to say, we bought 2.
Campbell loves them too!

And here is one more gratuitous shot of Miss Campbell enjoying her new Dwink box. She's so darn cute!

Mommies, you can find them at the Dwink box website. These also make great gifts for mommies, too!

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