Friday, June 19, 2009

Do I need a hobby?

So, as I'm sitting here reflecting on life as Campbell sleeps, I have recalled a convo with my physical therapist yesterday....

PT- "Ok, so you are a teacher (blah blah... insert something here about what grade I teach, or something like that).... And so what do you do in your free time? Like, what are your hobbies?"

Me- "Um... well, I chase after my 1 year old daughter. And.... well, I've just started to work out again. (long silence).... Oh! And I shop."

PT just stares at me.... then scribbles down on her little sheet. "Ok then. Let's get started."


So, do I need a hobby or something? I mean, you know, with all the "free time" I have and all? You'd think that the PT was expecting me to say that I volunteer at a soup kitchen or collect trash on the side of the road, from the reaction she had to my comment. I can't help that all I have time to do between diapers and feedings is to hop on an elliptical and find a good sale.

What do you all think? Shopping is enough of a hobby, right?

Perhaps if I called it "stimulating the economy" she would have taken me more seriously......


  1. Seriously, when do we have time to do anything else?! I would LOVE to feed hungry orphans in my spare five minutes, and I will make that a priority someday, but meanwhile I'm just trying to keep the bills paid :) So, in a nutshell, teaching, taking care of your baby girl, and shopping definitely keep you busy, and that's totally fine :)

  2. LOL!!"stimulating the economy" That is too funny! The only thing that I can think if in my life that I do besides chase after Isabelle, is jog. I bet she probably would have scribbled on her sheet if it were me too.

    Oh! And the pic of Campbell with the Popsicle, TOO CUTE!

  3. All in favor of everyone's hobby being to "stimulate the economy"! Couldn't have said it better myself.