Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sneak Peek...

It's been quite a while since an update, but we've been busy! The "funk" has hit our home, so we've been cycling through runny noses, congestion, and nasty coughs for what seems like 2 and a half weeks now. Ryan is almost 100% healthy (but don't ask him that... he swears he is still running a fever... I mean, who runs a fever for 2 weeks??? but I digress..), Campbell has a nasty cough still, but the humidifier seems like it is helping things. And me, well I am just NOW getting the funk, so I'm not feeling all that glorious.

Besides being sick, we've been working on the house trying to make it more of a home! I think we've made 3 trips to Ikea this month, and Ryan is swearing he will not go back for another 5 years. We have found some really great items for the home there, though. I've been impressed with Ikea lately- if you haven't been, you really should check it out... some of their newer lines are very "Pottery Barn"-esque, which is fitting in well with the rest of our decor.

Speaking of Pottery Barn- thanks to one of Ryan's co-workers, we got an awesome hook up on a PB dining room table and chairs. Ryan's co-worker just built a new home (which is GORGE by the way.... it's way out in the boonies, but I would be willing to live that far from civilization if I had a home like that!), which meant new decor for her.... so she was selling her PB dining room set that was practically brand new. Then, she dropped the price when we went to pick it up yesterday. So we basically have this beautiful dining room set for about a quarter of the price of the table ALONE! Nice!

The house is FAR from done, but here are a few snapshots to see how things are moving along. April will be a big month for us with home projects- tile backspalshing in the kitchen (yes!), painting some more rooms, and maybe I can convince Ryan to go ahead and do crown moulding downstairs????? We shall see!

View of our living room from the back door. Check out our awesome TV niche above the fireplace!

Another view of our living room. Don't you just love the choice of toys as living room decor?

Yet another view of the living room!

Breakfast nook... check out the pretty aloe plant centerpiece from Brandon and PJ!

Our "formal" dining room, with our awesome PB dining room set (we accidentally left the table leaf at Ryan's co-workers house, so we haven't extended it yet!). The plan is to add crown moulding and wainscotting in this room!

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