Friday, January 30, 2009

I love freebies!

We've been with comcast for quite a while... well, as far back as I can remember being on my own. Unfortunately, our neighborhood is only wired for Verizon, so we had to make the switch. They have an awesome package, which was great. Imagine how TICKED I was today when I stopped by the post office to pick up a change of addy form and saw that if I signed up for Verizon using a special code, I would get a free $50 American Express gift card. OH NO NO NO! Wonderful hubby to the rescue.... called Verizon, and yeppers- got my gift card! Now what shall we spend it on???

Most likely paint.... we spent a good chunk of time last night at Home Depot checking out paint colors. We thought we had the colors for our bedroom all set, but after looking at them again, the brown I thought I wanted had some icky greenish undertones. After some searching, we found "Chocolate Coco" by Behr.

I guess I should backtrack and explain what I'm thinking for our bedroom. We have cathedral ceiling in our bedroom, so the far wall is a pentagonal shape (go math teacher!), rather than square. So, I'm thinking that I'd like to have that wall a dark, chocolatey brown, and the other walls a more taupe/beige color, like Behr's "Gobi Desert". I hope it looks as good as I'm thinking in my head... :)

this is the brown we're going with...

with this color on the other walls.

Well, the little one has been asleep for a bit, which is my cue to get to bed as well. Here is a recent shot of our little lovebug...

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  1. Hi,
    The colors you picked happen to be my favorites! must be the genes!! I think you should come down to Florida and help us with the decorating.
    Seems that our bedroom is similar to yours.
    Campbell has areal soupy smile(Joke) also sort of mischievious. Did I spell that bien?
    God Bless you all! Love